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10 Random Questions


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Generally here on blog I post a self-improvement or thought provoking type post on Tuesdays, and a writing related post on Thursdays, but this week I’m taking a break from the over-thinking-self-analysis, to do a light-hearted random questions post.

I love quizzes and questions. Yep, I’m one of those who gets sucked into those random ‘buzz feed’ quizzes on Facebook, and I’m the first to put my hand up for a trivia night or a game of trivial pursuit. And don’t get me started on music quizzes – Rockwiz and Spicks and Specs are my jam! So, I decided that a few random questions would be a fun change this Tuesday.

You already know I love writing and reading, and I’ve blogged before about my love of music. And then there’s my love for movies, and of course, travel. And you know I’m a mum, a step-mum, with a tradie/builder husband, living on an in-town farm in regional Victoria,  where we run our tiling/bathroom renovation business from. But enough of what you do know, here’s some random questions to share some things you don’t know.

How many jobs have you had in your life?
Just a few…
My first job was a junior admin assistant at Human Services which I hated. After about six months I scored a job as a chiropractic assistant which I enjoyed and spent the next five years doing. From there I spent about a year as a pharmacy assistant which totally bored me, although I did like the free perfume and beauty training. Next I somehow ended up in the most boring receptionist job in history. That job was the only job I have ever walked out on. Fortunately, I was only out of work for about a week before accepting a job as a real estate receptionist. I went from reception into office management, secured my agents rep licence, and was the sales team administrator. I loved working in real estate and the people I worked with (which always makes all the difference). I then fell pregnant and although I planned to go back part-time, it didn’t eventuate. I still do miss working there from time to time. Since working from home I’ve been a virtual assistant, social media consultant, freelance writer and copywriter. And now a blogger and budding author. And I’m lucky enough to be able to say, I love what I do.

If you could play an instrument what would it be?
I would love to be able to play the guitar.

What’s the one thing in life you wish you could be a natural at?
Apart from writing, I really wish I had the natural ability to sing. I can hold a tune, but don’t have a lot of tone or power. I’d love to be able to sing like Christina Aguilera. It would go well with the guitar playing don’t you think?

Do you have any phobias or strange fears?
I really hate spiders, but it’s not a phobia. But I have a real fear of death being drowning. Which is weird because I can swim and enjoy swimming, it’s more a fear of being trapped in water and not being able to breathe. Like a car running off a bridge into the water below. Needless to say, I hate driving over bridges!

If you could change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?
That I had a sibling near my age, either a year or two older or younger.

If you could speak another language fluently what would it be?
French. Or Spanish.

What intrigues you?
The three Ps: People, personality and psychology.

Is there a moment in time you would like to go back to and why?
The last day of year 12. It’s hard to explain, but it was the first time I felt we all just took off our social masks and were ourselves. Everyone spoke to everyone, no matter what clique you were in. It was a perfect spring day, everyone was happy, yet there was a bit of a sadness lingering in the air. I remember thinking how wonderful it would have been if all school days could have been like that. I also could have made a life changing decision that day, but didn’t. But wish I had.

What is something you would NEVER do? 

What would you do if you won 5 million dollars?
Pay off the mortgage on our house, our investment properties and clear the credit card.
Fix up my sister-in-laws house, and help pay off family mortgages.
Put some money in trust for each of our kids.
Invest in more property.
Donate a portion to cancer research.
Hubby would semi-retire and spend his days renovating and selling house.
I would keep writing.
Maybe hire a house-cleaner!

So there you have it. This was don’t you think? Now it’s your turn. Pick any one of these questions (or more if you like!) and comment below.


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