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2014: The year in review

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Can anybody else believe it is really December? Where has the year gone? It only seems like yesterday that I waved goodbye to our youngest as she confidently strode off into the classroom to begin her schooling life. And it only feels like I wrote about my word for 2014, five minutes ago, not almost twelve months ago!

So did 2014 pan out the way I had planned? Some ways yes, some ways no.

My word for this year was: Change. Gradual change for all aspects of my life. You can read my original word for 2014 post here, but I will run through the main parts.

Change 1. To be a writer
Again I’ve had some successes this year with published articles, although still trying to crack it in ‘print’. To be honest the past four months I’ve not done a lot of pitching or brainstorming of new articles. That’s not to say I’ve lost heart in a writing career – quite the opposite. I’ve been completing a copy writing course! This will compliment my freelancing feature writing next year.

As for my fiction, my first manuscript is still waiting to be edited. As you may know I struck a few barriers but I am ready now to tackle this and really whip it into shape with a second and third draft. And I managed to complete and win NaNoWriMo with my second manuscript which now sits at around 51,000 and is a great basis to work with for another first draft.

And most exciting of all….

As of 2015 I can call myself a full-time freelance writer & copywriter! I’ve sold out of my dancewear retail business and am absolutely ecstatic about the year ahead. I cannot wait!


Change 2.  Family Focus

I think I have definitely at times been able to separate my work from family time a lot better this year, and with one less thing to worry about next year (as in the dance business) I’m looking forward to doing even better next year.

This year has  been a nice transition towards this goal and I’ve learned the aspects on which I need to work harder and smarter to be able to do this. Motherhood is always a learning process and one in which we always seem to beat ourselves up for ‘failing’. I’m trying hard to realise I won’t be successful every day. There will be wins and failures, but every day has a new dawn.


Change 3. Be more positive

This one’s been a winner and what an amazing thing. Who’d have thought being positive could have such a brilliant effect on life? Well, it does. By not jumping to a ‘no’ conclusion and giving myself time to think about situations has made a world of difference. Arguments and disagreements have been avoided and I feel much lighter. Of course there has been times, usually when I’m super busy, when I fall back into old habits, but it’s all a work in progress.


Change 4. Respect health.

Yep. 100% better than this time last year. I’m eating better, yet still allowing myself a few indulgences here and there and I’m exercising more. My week consists of daily walks, clinical pilates twice, spin biking twice and running three times. I completed the couch to 5km program and now I really miss my running if I skip it for any reason. I also do a little yoga here and there which helps me relax and be more mindful of myself. Win!


The unexpected change.

When I chose my word for this year I was focused on this year needing to be a year of transition and change. What I didn’t realise is exactly how I would best achieve this.

For me focusing on change has brought along unexpected but necessary changes influenced by a shift in thinking and focus.

Blogging has been a huge catalyst for this unexpected change. Writing helps me to discover who I am and where I’m heading. And a few months ago when deciding on a more narrow focus on my blog for writing, living simply and living with purpose, I realised that I was exactly where I was meant to be.

These changes have had a significant impact on my outlook on life, defining my purpose and allowing myself to concentrate on a simple life in which I gain the most value from. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made in my life. Really.

I know there is still tweaking to be done along the way, after all we are always evolving, but I know I’m following the right path, my path. In all honesty it’s been a journey of not just twelve months but five years, and I can honestly say the feeling of contentment I have reached is very powerful. I feel full.


So this year has been what I’d hoped for and more. And I leave 2014 which fresh hope, incentive and nervous excitement for 2015. And that’s a good place to be!

How was your year?

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