2019: Taking Stock

As we draw the curtains to 2019 to a close, it’s a good time to reflect back on the year that was.

2019 was the first year for about five years I didn’t choose a word for the year. It was also the first year where I didn’t formally post about my goals.

As for a word for the year, I had given it some thought but hadn’t been able to choose a word that I felt strong enough to guide me through the year. As for goals, my main goal was to publish my debut novel. I guess, looking back, my words should have been ‘publish’ or ‘accomplish’. Hindsight’s great, huh?

So, what did I achieve in 2019? Lots!

Writing Wise

  • Final edits, copy edits, proofreading, formatting, publishing & marketing my debut novel; The Memories We Hide
  • Finished another draft of A Town Called Chance (contemporary drama). Edits are back from my editor and ready for the next draft in 2020
  • Finished another draft of The Five Year Plan (chick-lit)
  • Participated and won NaNoWriMo with second book in chick-lit series almost done (about 20,000 words to finish draft)
  • Attended my first RWA Conference in Melbourne in August
  • Marketing blog tour for The Memories We Hide
  • Interviewed on ‘Writes4Women’ podcast and ‘So You Want To Be A Writer’ podcast

Personal Wise

  • Stepped out of my comfort zone and attended the first day of RWA conference in Melbourne
  • Book launch and public speaking (again, stepping out of my comfort zone)
  • Travelled to Italy with the family (including writing research)
  • Read 36 books, smashing my goal of 20 books!
  • Re-established friendships with old friends
  • Celebrated my (step) daughter’s 21st and her debut EP launch
  • Coached my daughter’s netball team to a grand final win

When I write it all down I realise what a big year it’s been. A huge year of accomplishment where I’ve achieved a long-held dream of publishing a book, but it’s also been an important year of growth, both for my writing and personally.

And not only are we at the end of another year, but we are closing the door on another decade. It’s hard to believe how much has changed for me over the past ten years.

In a nutshell, the past ten years were a period of finding myself. I did a whole load of self-introspection and soul searching in all areas of my life. And it was that process that led me to writing, firstly as a freelance feature and blog writer, and then to pursuing writing fiction seriously.

I can’t predict where I’ll be in another ten years, but at this point in time I’d love to be successfully writing and publishing books. And for the rest, I’m open to being surprised.

For now, I’m enjoying sitting back and taking stock of a great year. It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. There have certainly been trying times both in writing and personally. But that’s life. It would be dull and boring if it was all one end of the spectrum. I do feel extremely grateful for where I am, for the family and friends who surround me, and for the opportunity to do something I love. And that’s all anyone can hope for.

PS: Stay tuned for my 2020 goals and word for the year. Yes, I’m choosing a word! This time it was easy. 😉


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