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5 essential podcasts for writers

5 Essential podcasts for writers JF GibsonI must admit I’m fairly new to the podcast thing. My main concern with podcasts was how on earth I was ever going to find the time to listen? It’s not like listening to music that you can have playing in the background, you actually have to concentrate, to listen. And then I discovered Serial.

For those who don’t know Serial isn’t a writing podcast, (you can find more out about it here), but it was addictive. I took to listening to it instead of music while out running and walking. Which I must say is something I never thought I’d do.

From there I came across the wonderful podcast from the Australian Writers’ Centre and I continued the same regime, replacing one of my runs/walks with the podcast. And now, I have about 7 podcasts that I regularly listen to!

But without further ado, here are my five all-time favourite podcasts for writers. And they are brilliant for fiction writers, copywriters, feature writers or bloggers – there really are takeaways in all of them for whatever type of writing you do.

1. So you want to be a writer

so you want to be a writer podcast review JF Gibson

As I mentioned this was my first writing podcast that I came across and is my favourite. I’ve done a few of my writing courses through the Australian Writers’ Centre so I knew that the episodes were going to be informative and varied. Presenters Valerie Khoo (founder of the AWC, journalist, freelance writer and author) and Allison Tait (freelance writer, blogger, author and teacher at the AWC) are not only full of knowledge and experience, but wildly entertaining. There is always a few laughs along the way.

The podcast covers all types of writing from features to copywriting, from fiction to non-fiction as well as blogging. There are tips and hints, listener questions, new developments in the world of writing and blogging and my favourite part – the writer in residence. It may be an author, editor, screenwriter, publisher or blogger – sharing their experience and tips.

I have learned so much from the weekly episodes and look forward to each release.

Link: So You Want To Be A Writer


2. HotCopy

hot copy podcast review JF Gibson

This is one of my latest finds and comes hot off the press from copywriter extraordinaire’s Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon. I actually did Belinda’s Copywriting MasterClass course last year and loved it. So when I heard she and Kate from Kate Toon Copywriter were now doing a podcast, I was there faster than you could say HotCopy!

The episodes are fun, informative and easy listening. They are about 20-25 minutes long so are great for a short burst of listening knowledge. Belinda and Kate share their wisdom and knowledge from their many years in the industry. They freely speak about mistakes they have made along the way and insider tips that have seen them become successful in their field.

The best thing is that you are getting two different approaches and opinions for the price of one – bargain!

Link: HotCopy Podcast


3. The Worried Writer

The Worried Writer podcast review JF Gibson

This is another one that was only recently brought to my attention via a Twitter pal (thanks Kym!). The Worried Writer is Sarah Painter, a British author and self-confessed ‘worried writer’. The thing I love about this podcast is that it touches on the number one issue that every author (aspiring or published) battles with on a daily basis – self-doubt. From that description you might think the podcast is rather depressing, but it is far from it. Knowing that you are not alone in facing anxiety and worries as a writer is such a relief – it makes you feel normal, or as normal as a writer can ever feel.

Sarah holds lovely interviews with other authors discussing their works, their writing processes and their own frustrations and issues with self-doubt. The chats are informal and entertaining. It’s kind of like eavesdropping on a conversation at a local cafe – except it’s okay to listen.

And I just love Sarah’s accent – it is like a warm blanket of comfort.

Link: The Worried Writer Podcast


 4. Inside Creative Writing

inside creative writing podcast review JF Gibson

The Inside Creative Podcast is one that I came across by accident one day and really enjoyed it. It is a couple of years old, with episodes spanning from March 2013 to July 2014, and is really enjoyable. Brad Reed, the host, is an American writer and English teacher, and also a musician. He has a great story-telling ability which shines through in his podcasts and through his tips and examples. He covers different aspects of fiction and creative non-fiction writing filled with tips and guidance that are a little outside the square but no less essential. Episodes vary around 30-40 minutes and Brad has a great voice that is easy to listen to. I also really like how he weaves in his music knowledge into his explanations.

Link: Inside Creative Writing 

5. Problogger

problogger podcast JF Gibson

One for the bloggers, but also Darren’s advice and knowledge is useful across all styles of writing. If you don’t know who Darren Rowse is, he is the King of the blogging world. His massively popular blog ‘ProBlogger’ is full of knowledge and tips for those who want to be successful bloggers, and his ProBlogger conference is one of the biggest in the country with tickets selling out within days of being released.

Now, I’m not interested in being what is termed a ‘ProBlogger’ in any way. I don’t wish to directly make money from blogging and I’m not all that worried about stats and figures and ROI for my blog, but that doesn’t mean that a lot of what Darren shares isn’t for me. The 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is useful for any blogger, or writer, to benefit from. As with everything, there is no easy recipe to success, and my tip with blogging is to take everything with a grain of salt. With this podcast, I suggest you take away what suits you. Don’t be swept up thinking there is only one way to blogging success, and always remember why you began blogging. With that said, Darren does have some great suggestions and ideas, and episodes are generally fairly short so they are great for when you are short of time.

Link: The ProBlogger Podcast

So there you have it. From someone who never thought they would be a podcast person, I’m clearly a convert!

What’s your favourite podcast (writing related or not)? 


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