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5 new podcasts I’m soaking up this year

Are you a podcast convert? I am.

Last year I blogged twice about podcasts I was listening to. Firstly, my favourite podcasts of the moment, and then my favourite podcasts for writers. I wondered if podcasts were just a fad, if this year they would dwindle away into cyberspace. But no, they are stronger than ever, and I’m fully on the bandwagon.

So, I thought I’d share with you some new podcasts (or new to me) that are filling my cup right now.
Please note: all podcasts can be found on iTunes and/or Stitcher.


Your Creative Life with Vanessa Carnevale

your creative life podcast







Vanessa is a writer, author and writing coach who is passionate about inspiring creatives. The podcast is generally 20-30 minutes and Vanessa interviews an eclectic mix of creatives who give their insights to their processes and inspiration. I was actually lucky enough to be one of Vanessa’s guests on episode #008, and I had so much fun talking writing. If you are a writer, or creative of any kind, you’ll love this.


Let It Be

let it be podcast






Let It Be is a weekly podcast with bloggers Kelly Exeter (A Life Less Frantic) and Brooke McAlary (Slow Your Home). Kelly and Brooke chat about life and what it means to do less and be more. With episodes covering topics such as boundaries, uncertainty, saying no and success, you will be inspired to think deeply and look at life from different perspectives. I also have a little tie to this podcast as when Kelly and Brooke were thinking of a name for the podcast, they shouted out on Facebook for some suggestions. And Let It Be was mine!


Straight and Curly

straight and curly podcast







If it seems Kelly Exeter is getting about a bit, it’s because she is! Here she is on another podcast, this time sharing the spotlight with super blogger and all round funky chic, Carly Jacobs of Smaggle fame. Kelly and Carly aka Straight and Curly in reference to their hair, have a fun chat each week about different life hacks and self-improvement tools. I love hearing the girls putting their (often different) perspectives forward. Not only does it make for great, light-hearted listening but also gets you thinking.


Write Now

write now podcast







Here’s one for the writers. Hosted by American writer Sarah Werner, this podcast is full of inspiring tips for writers on writing. Sarah is honest, warm and full of encouragment. Listening to Sarah feels like you are chatting to your best friend over coffee in front of a warm fire. Much of what she says resonates with me and I find her advice and insights very inspiring and useful.


The Minimalists

minimalists podcast






I was so excited when I realised Joshua and Ryan from were doing a podcast. If you don’t know who they are, they are the leaders in the minimalist movement, sharing honest, realistic insights and advice on how to live a meaningful life with less stuff. If a simple, purposeful life is something you want on your radar you’ll love listening to these guys chat. I love that they are so honest and their motto is always ‘do what works for you’ and ‘what fits your life’. 



Honourable mentions:

Real Crime Profile
This ones only fairly new and is hosted by Jim Clemente a former FBI profiler and Laura Richards (formerly of Scotland Yard). As the title says they profile behaviour from real criminal cases. Their first was Steven Avery from the Making a Murder Netflix doco. If you like real crime and the psychology behind people this one’s for you.

Conversations with Alanis Morissette
I am a huge Alanis fan. Huge. So when I saw that she had started a podcast I was very excited. I love her take on life and how she has found her true self, and love over a period of time. This is such a varied podcast where different guests discuss things from relationships to spirituality, and well-being to social commentary. And everything in between.



Are you loving podcasts?
What’s your fav at the moment?