5 podcasts rocking my world

podcasts rocking my world jf gibson


Podcasts are the new black. They are taking over the world, and with good reason.

Not only are they entertaining, inspiring and informative, but they help while away the mundane things in life. I now look forward vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and folding laundry because it means I get to listen to another episode of my favourite podcasts. My walks and runs have even been taken over by listening to podcasts rather than music!

A little while back I shared my 5 essential podcasts for writers, but this time I thought I’d share a few more general ones. So here we go.

serial podcast1. Serial/Undiscolsed/The Serial Dynasty

If you haven’t heard about Serial I’m not sure if we can be friends. Only kidding. But really, Serial has been one of, if not the, most listened to podcasts over the past 12 months. The original series of Serial follows the case of 18-year-old high school student Hae Min Lee, who was murdered in Baltimore back in 1999. Hae’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Sayed was eventually charged, trialed and convicted of her murder. However, as Serial shows, there was much more to Hae’s disappearance and murder than meets the eye. And Adnan, who still to this day sits in prison claiming his innocence, may in fact not be the killer.

Serial is addictive. The way it is produced and broadcast, the evidence, the lies uncovered, the unreliable ‘witnesses’, the lack of evidence, the changing stories from those apparently involved – leaves you questioning everything.

From Serial, there have been spin-offs such as Undisclosed and The Serial Dynasty which delves even further into the case. And they are just as, if not more compelling than the original. Yep. I’m addicted.


hamish andy podcast2. Hamish & Andy

Hamish & Andy don’t need any introduction here in Australia. They are two of the most popular radio and TV personalities this country has seen for a long time. They are just so funny! And they bounce off each other so well. I just love these guys. But, if you aren’t able to listen to Hamish & Andy live on their afternoon radio show, fear not! Their podcast has it covered.


magic lessons podcast3. Magic Lessons

No this is not a podcast about how to do magic, but is the first podcast from author Elizabeth Gilbert. Magic Lessons is a 12 episode podcast released as a precursor to Liz’s latest book, (released this week); Big Magic. Liz is big on creativity and empowering people to embrace their creative side and follow their passions. And that is exactly what this podcast is about. Liz speaks to everyday people who are nervous about taking a leap of faith. The chats are inspiring and real. And Liz also speaks to inspiring mentors such as Cheryl Strayed and Brene Brown (two of my favourites) along the way.


criminal podcast4. Criminal

I’ve only recently discovered this podcast, but it has pushed its way into my favourites. Criminal is basically a podcast about real life crime. It discusses real life cases, not always in the ‘who dunnit’ kind of way, but branches out to cover associated events or topics. It’s a really hard one to describe, but if you are intrigued by crime and the minds of people who do wrong, you’ll love it.


slow home podcast5. The Slow Home Podcast

The brainchild of Brooke who has blogged at ‘Slow Your Home‘, her new podcast takes her slow, simplified life mission one step further. Brooke is passionate about inspiring others who are wanting to slow down from the fast paced lives we lead, and turn their lives around toward a more simplified version. She tackles so many ideas on how to slow your life as well as interviews some amazing people with their take on life. The thing I love about Brooke is she shares my view that everyone’s simple life vision is different. It’s well worth a listen.


So there you have it. Five more podcasts that are soaking up my time, but also inspiring me to live a better, simpler, intentional and joyous life. And just plain entertaining me some!


Are you addicted to any podcasts at the moment?