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A Day in the Life of a Writer: Karly Lane

Welcome to the fourth Day in the Life of a Writer series. If you’d like to check out all the featured writers, please click here.

Karly Lane is a best-selling author of rural romance. She is the queen of small town romance set in strong communities with lots of secrets and dramas. Karly’s new release Fool Me Once, is out now, and I’m thrilled to have Karly share her day with us.

A Day in the Life of Karly Lane

Most days, my writing life isn’t exactly edge of your seat stuff.. it involves getting kids off to school and house work fitted in around writing, but let’s see what today brings…

6.30 wake up when the husbands alarm goes off…drink first, VERY necessary coffee for the day. This is going to be a productive day! Excited to be at thirty thousand words on new story. Also, vow to stay calm and not swear today.

Get youngest child up for school.

7.03 call for a second time that it’s time to get up, with a little more force.

Make my second cup of coffee and drink it before I risk a look outside to see what the seven month old pup has destroyed overnight.

7.15 call for a third time to ‘GET UP NOW!’

7.30 have an argument about what, said child, wants for lunch, after throwing away uneaten previous days lunch… call out while Miss thirteen is still in the bathroom straightening hair that she needs to keep moving. Have usual debate about why is school important anyway, and hear how child has investigated ways she could earn enough money to in fact leave school at thirteen and become a entrepreneur. Dash all child’s hopes and tell her its actually illegal to leave school at thirteen.

8.30 wave child off to school and sit down in front of laptop. Before remembering the injured chook.

8.45 after feeding chook and picking up the remains of my fairy garden the dog has decided to dig up overnight, (some swearing involved) head inside again to start writing.

9.10 remember there’s no school uniforms left for the next day and throw a load of washing into the machine before heading back to lap top.

9.30 realise that weird sound is coming from the laundry and get up to investigate. Discover floor in laundry flooded. Washing machine has carked it. Say quite stern swear words.

10.30 having phoned around the district, found a washing machine repair person but can’t get anyone out until next Tuesday. Say some more swear words.

10.31 Neighbour from up the road knocks on door to return escapee dog. Possibly overhears swear words.

10. 35 Author looks out the window and sees horses at the fence and feels she needs some horsey love after her somewhat stressful morning.

10.36 just heading down to give them a quick pat and check on them…

11.45 returns to the house to start writing.

11.50 hears the mail man pull up and discovers the publisher has returned final proof read pages for the next novel. Closes document for current work in progress… word count still at thirty thousand, and searches the house for a red pen.

3.45 child’s bus pulls up. Manuscript has minimal changes and already half way through. Winning!

4.05 Child happy to watch some tv and chill, after being informed there was no homework because they did it all at school (why wasn’t this a thing when I went to school?) ….I’ll just do another few minutes of editing before I start dinner…

5.45 Husband arrives home. Dinner hasn’t been started. Edits are so close to being finished….

6.15 Husband and Child are eating leftovers and I’m going to finish reading through the last few chapters…

11.22 I look up and realise everyone else is in bed and there’s no one to celebrate finishing my read through…

11.40 get into bed and switch off brain so I get a good night sleep…

11.45 have a fantastic idea for the next scene in current work in progress, must write it down before I forget, but then figure, it’s so awesome, I’ll never forget and leave it until morning.

6.30 am …. Head out to the computer to write last nights amazing scene but suddenly can’t remember a single detail!!!!! USE ALL THE SWEAR WORDS…

The Hot 5

What’s your favourite thing about being a writer?

My favourite thing about being a writer, is having the opportunity to right wrongs. In books, no matter what your characters might go through, you have the ability to give them happy endings and make sure justice is always served. Sadly, in real life things don’t always go to plan and not everyone gets a happy ever after, but in books they can.

Who are your favourite or most inspiring authors?

I’ve been fortunate to have loved many Australian writers as a reader, before I became an author myself. I’ve loved Bronwyn Parry and Helene Young for their rural suspense, and this tends to be the kind of books I still go to when I find time to read for pleasure. They were certainly inspirational to me, being Australian women, writing Australia set stories.

 I have to admit putting out two novels a year for the last ten years, my reading time has become almost non-existent. I only tend to read when I have time off over Christmas holidays now.

What’s the hardest thing about the writing process?

For me as someone who doesn’t really plan a novel, it’s the in between days when I’ve written all the scenes that have come to me fairly easily, but need to link them all up! These are the days when it can feel like pulling teeth to get your inspiration back on track.

What’s your go to food or drink during writing?

I actually tend to forget to eat when I’m having a really good writing day. One minute I’m about to get breakfast after the school rush is over, sitting down to just write ‘something real quick…’ the next minute I look up and it’s 2pm! But coffee is always a necessary staple.

What’s your number one tip for aspiring authors?

Write, write, write.

I’m self-taught, so I didn’t have any idea what I was doing when I decided I wanted to write a book, but what I learned was, after finishing my very first novel was that it took a lot of rewrites, putting it away for a long time and coming back to it, before it became a published book, around 13 years later. Of course, I wrote this first book around having 4 kids…it may not take that long for other people!

The end result was almost nothing like the first draft, but I’d picked up skills each time I rewrote that book, from joining writer’s groups and having my story critiqued, and listening to advice and in the end, I’d kinda figured out how to write.

So once you’ve written your first draft, be prepared to learn new things so you can rewrite and improve what you’ve written. Experience is how you improve.

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  1. Loved this insight into Karly’s days and her sense of humour. Also loved her latest book Fool Me Once. Luckily she has a long backlist for me to now explore. Thanks. This was a fun read.

    1. Hi Sara 😃 I’d like to say this was a one off kinda day….but, my life is pretty much a three ring circus! Oh, and we just added a new puppy….to keep the other puppy company….. Dear GOD!

  2. Karly is just the most inspiring writer I know. Her characters are real and style of writing so relaxed without diminishing the strength of the plot. Her books are so difficult to put down from the first paragraph which is a definite plus with me. If the story doesn’t grab me within the first few pages I tend to give up on it. I don’t have time to waste on boring.

    Karly is genuine, encouraging support of all things beautifully Australian, like her passion for heritage horses. A truly great Aussie writer about Aussie people. Love her.

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