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A Day in the Life of a Writer: Kelly Exeter



I hope you’re enjoying the Day in the Life of a Writer series as much as I am. This week we have a very special guest, non-fiction author, Kelly Exeter.

Kelly and I ‘met’ online initially on Twitter many moons ago and we just connected instantly. Sometimes, I swear we were twins separated at birth. You will know Kelly from her wonderful blog  A Life Less Frantic, or through her podcasts – Let It Be – co-hosted with Brooke McAlary, or – Straight & Curly – co-hosted with Carly Jacobs (Smaggle). If you don’t know Kelly (firstly where have you been??) and secondly, here’s a list of her talents:

Kelly Exeter is author of three non-fiction books: Your Best Year Ever, Practical Perfection and 20 Simple Shortcuts to Small Business Success. She’s also a business owner, mother, runner, podcaster and serial over-committer. Her blog, A Life Less Frantic, chronicles her attempts to balance a visceral ‘need to achieve’ with the desire to have space in her life to just ‘be’.

I’m not surprised Kelly’s day is immaculately streamlined. She’s a lover of routine, whitespace, and early starts! Eeek! Let’s check out Kelly’s day.


A Day in the Life of Kelly Exeter

Three days a week I’m in the Swish Design office doing what I do there (some client work, financial control, content creation and other things to support my husband in the running of the business).

Two days a week I am home and those are my ‘writing days’. I’ll share what a typical writing day looks like:

4.15am – Wake up and drink two big glasses of water while I scroll through Instagram and Facebook

4.45am – Check emails and clear out any rubbish from my inbox

5.00am – Free-write for 15 minutes using The stuff I free-write is almost always completely inane and a reflection of whatever is worrying me at the time. My mind always resists free-writing because it hates writing ‘crap’. And that’s why I force myself to do it every day.

5.15am – Write and publish that particular day’s content (usually a podcast) and schedule on social media.

6.00am – Exercise

6.45am – Shower and dress

7.00am – Get the kids ready for school, sort breakfasts and lunches and get the house tidy

8.30am – School drop off

9.00am – Some weeks I come straight in from school drop off and do some podcast recording. If there’s no podcasts to record I use that first half hour after school drop off to get my head set for the day.

9.30am-2.45pm – My writing days go pretty quickly. I could be writing anything from blog posts for my own blog, posts for the Swish Design site, editing for clients, writing for clients (I’m currently ghost writing a book), researching or working on my own books. I do also take a lunch break in there somewhere and try to ensure I get away from the computer for that.

2.45pm onwards – School pick up and family time


Kelly’s Favourite Thing About Being a Writer

I’m not sure what I think until I’ve written it down. Then, once I’ve written it down, I get to examine my thoughts and ideas closely, see if they stand up, refine them … and then I get to share them with people. More than anything, I love sharing ideas with people that could give them an ‘aha’ moment and make their lives better. I love helping people put words to the jumbled thoughts in their head. That’s the most gratifying thing about writing for me.


So there you go, the amazing Kelly Exeter. If you’d like to check out more about Kelly you will find her online at:


And a link to her books: (which I personally recommend)