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I love to travel, which is strange as I had no desire to travel when I was growing up. I attribute that to my parents being non-travellers. Dad had been overseas for work in his younger years, but didn’t have much interest in travelling after that and my mother was a home-body.

It wasn’t until my early twenties when my feet became itchy, my then partner had no interest in travel, but I was becoming restless wondering what was out there.

Fast forward a few years and I have now been fortunate enough to have traveled to over 20 countries including Italy, France, England, Spain, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Greece and of the good old US of A.

I must admit I have had a fantasy love affair with America since I was young. Not necessarily a desire to go there but I have always been fascinated by the diversity of their great country. From the golden shores of Tinsel Town, to the deep southern states and the wild, wild west and of course the city that never sleeps – New York.

New York is such an iconic city and on my first visit I fell in love. There is something mesmerising about the city. The bright lights of the skyscrapers, the beauty of central park, the prestige of Fifth Avenue, the city icons; the Brooklyn Bridge, Radio City Hall, The Rockafella Centre at Christmas, and the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and of course the yellow cabs, even the layout of the city divided into five Burroughs is intriguing.

New York is the melting pot of society. People from all cultures, all walks of life crammed into a city predominantly of three islands encased by watery surrounds.

I wonder if I was a ‘New Yorker’  in a previous life, such is my fondness for the city, or if I have just never outgrown my wide-eyed innocence. I’m sure if I were to live there the shine would wear off, the reality of life tends to do that. But for now I will retain my affection for all things New York and look forward to 2014. When we are going back for a family holiday!!!!


Are you a traveller?
Do you have a love affair with somewhere in particular?

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest