Jodi Gibson

Jodi Gibson is an Australian author of both contemporary dramas, and light-hearted romantic comedy.

Jodi has been writing in one way or another since she was young. Whether it was stories about ghosts or horses, or filling her journal full of teenage angst, Jodi can’t remember a time where she wasn’t writing. However, it wasn’t until recent years and after a career that included running various businesses in social media consultancy, freelance writing, copywriting, and web design, that Jodi decided it was time give this author gig a crack.

After sharpening her writerly skills with manuscripts that will possibly remain in the metaphorical bottom drawer, Jodi found her feet and wrote something of quality. With a propensity to jump in the deep end, (and because she’s a total control freak) Jodi decided on the independent route to publishing. 

2019 will see Jodi release her debut novel, a contemporary drama titled ‘The Memories We Hide’. 

Jodi lives in regional Victoria on a mini-farm with her one husband, 1-4 daughters, (depending on who’s home on any given day), two golden retrievers, one grumpy horse, eight chooks and one cat who rules over them all. Jodi loves spending her spare time reading, baking, gardening, watching cycling, tennis & netball, winning quiz shows and chilling with a good cider and home-made salami. Jodi loves travelling to far away places in her imagination, on the page, and even more so, in real life.


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