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Are you adding value?


Today I was listening to the ProBlogger podcast and Darren was talking about how to get more blog readers. Now, we all know I’m by no means a ProBlogger. And although I love new readers, it’s not something I probably do enough about. But one thing that Darren said, did strike a chord with me.

Firstly he asked his listeners to identify their ideal reader; to create an avatar as such. This helps so you can attract the right reader to your blog and write with them in mind. Then, Darren went on to ask:

How are you trying to change your readers?

This really hit home to me. I may not have the ability to affect change in each and every reader, but what I do hope to do, is add value. To make them, you, feel that reading my blog has added some value to your day. After all, time is of the essence these days and taking three or four minutes out to read a blog post should be worthwhile. Right?

So it got me thinking, how am I adding value?

Or perhaps, because only you, my readers, can tell me if I am adding value, a better question is, how do I want to add value.

I want to:

Share my writing journey – my freelancing, creative writing, and blogging.  To share the wins, the frustrations and the what not to dos! Writing tips, blogging tips and everything in between. I also want to share great books, especially from Australian authors.

Inspire people to believe in themselves. To inspire them to find the courage to be themselves and not be afraid to take a chance or follow their passion. It doesn’t have to be something big, it might just be as simple as starting a blog or taking up a hobby they’ve always wanted to do. To simply find, and embrace their spirit.

Provoke thought. To get people to think outside the square, and perhaps see the world from a different angle. We can learn so much from seeing someone else’s perspective.  It makes us less judgmental. And that can only be a good thing.


The goals for my blog aren’t life-changing. I’m not out to save the world, but if I can at the very least, add value each time I write, then I feel I have a small purpose.

So tell me…

Do you think I am adding value to the blogging space?
How would you answer this question for your blog?

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