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Are you funny?

There is one type of blogger and writer that I admire. Okay so there’s actually quite a few, so I’ll start again. One of the types of bloggers and writers that I admire is the humorous/witty one. You know the ones that make your eyes run down your face and the sides of your mouth strain?

As for me, my writing is so far removed from witty it’s not funny.  Literally. Which is kind of strange, as   face to face I can quip as good as the next person, even if I do say so myself.  But when it comes to the written word I find myself getting all philosophical and serious.

What I would really love is to write a light-hearted chic lit one day. One of those books that you just can’t put down not only because the plot is intriguing but because it is thoroughly entertaining. You laugh, you cry, you laugh some more and a warm fuzziness comes over you as you are totally absorbed in the words. A nuclear arms race could break out in Korea and you’d still be smiling from Chapter 12.

Instead I write painful melancholy fiction filled with obstacles and heart ache that twists your insides outward making you think the world is not worth believing in anymore.

I wonder what that actually says about me?

Do I have some  deep seeded pain that I am yet to uncover? Is my heart broken, pieced together by glue that is slowly disintegrating? Or am I just purely a morbid masochist?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I am truly thankful for the talented bloggers and writers out there that make me smile. Because Lord only knows I need some lightening up!


Do you love a good humorous book or chic-lit?
What book comes to mind that made you smile from end to end?