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Are you good at making decisions?

how to make a balanced decision

With a lot of things in life, I’m an over-thinker. I love to ponder about the human psyche, I tend to philosophize and I can often over-think the whys and hows of life. Chicken or the egg anyone?

But, when it comes to making decisions, I’m a gun. I tend to ask a lot of questions to begin with and once I’ve ascertained the pros and cons so to speak, bang! I make a decision.

For example, we are currently deciding on fixtures and fittings for the renovation of our next house. Tonight I’ve chosen floor tiles, bathroom tiles, a stove, oven, rangehood and light fittings for the kitchen, vanities, mirrors and shower screens for the bathrooms and windows for the extension. All in the space of half an hour. Of course, it helps that we’ve done this a few times before, and by now we know what we like, what works and what doesn’t.

Decision making isn’t easy for a lot of people. Many put off making decisions, striving to find the perfect answer that they won’t regret. This usually ends up with a lot of procrastinating and over-thinking.

On the other hand, being a quick-decision maker isn’t always a great thing either. I’ve made decisions on a whim that have backfired. But, it’s been a learning curve and as long as you can ‘put it down to experience’, then that’s what brings you perspective.

Here are my tips for a balanced decision-making process.

  • Ask questions and have all the information you need to make your decision
  • Make a pros and cons list
  • Give yourself a time-frame in which to make the decision. Enough time to think about it, without too much procrastination time.
  • Don’t make important decisions under pressure. You need to be relaxed and able to think clearly.
  • If you are unable to make the decision you want (best case scenario), choose the next best available.
  • Don’t over-analyse, trust your gut – it’s usually right.
  • Accept that the decision may fail, backfire or not be the perfect outcome. There’s always a next time.


Are you good at making decisions?
Made any big decisions lately?


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