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I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to figure out how to begin this post. I know there are many who normally join in with IBOT who, out of respect for the hostage situation in Martin Place in Sydney, have chosen not to blog and I understand how they feel. I though, feel it is needed to continue on and not let fear rule our lives, and also show support and love through the IBOT community.

I don’t want this post to be a rehash or analysis of the situation. Like others, I’m still in processing mode. Processing¬†emotions of sadness, anger, fear, empathy, helplessness and great amount of hope and desperation tugging at my heart.

There are so many things that could be said that are negative and critical, but they aren’t helpful.

During times like these I find myself digging deep down inside to my core values. The things I believe so strongly that nothing will ever shake their foundations. The things I want to instill in my children. Things I believe deep within and things that I believe as an Australian, are values that I, that we, hold close.

I believe in Australia and what we stand for.

I believe we are a land of equality, opportunity and a nation that stands together.

I believe we welcome people from all walks of life, with no judgment and the freedom to share our great land.

I believe we are Christian nation but that doesn’t mean it is the only thing to believe in.

I believe in faith and whatever that means to you. Whether it’s religious, spiritual and a simple faith in mankind and goodness.

I believe we have the right to choose how we live our lives, and what we believe.

I believe in respecting others’ choices. We may not understand or agree, but we respect and accept.

I believe in teaching our children to accept all people as equals.

I believe it is impossible to be equal in every aspect, but as humans; black, white, brown, catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Asian, Irish, Indian, Arabian, Italian, short, tall, beautiful, ordinary, we are equal. And that should be celebrated. Unique and equal.

I believe in free speech that is respectful, peaceful and constructive.

I believe we can’t all agree, and that our differences make us who we are.

I believe respect, manners and empathy are some of the most important values to hold close and so important to teach our children.

I believe in tomorrow. That every sunrise brings opportunity and hope.

I believe in the good in the world.

I believe the goodness in the world will prevail.


Dig deep, believe and stand strong.


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