books and baking with jodi gibson

When I’m not reading or writing, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen testing out yet another recipe, or simply baking up one of my favourites. Some of my most treasured memories are being in the kitchen with mum from a very young age and helping mix the cake batter. And, if I was super lucky, I’d be allowed to lick the spoon! I began baking on my own at around eight or nine years old, and have been baking ever since.

I’m by no means a fancy baker, more of a home-style-country-kitchen baker. My recipes have all been adapted and tweaked over the years and most of them are staples. All of them, are tried and tested, and simple enough for even the most novice of home-bakers to attempt. And even if it doesn’t come out looking perfect, I guarantee it will still taste amazing.

In 2021 after a rather disastrous start to the year, I decided I needed to recalibrate. I realised there is more to who I am than being an author. So I began ‘Books & Baking’.

Beginning March 1, 2021, I will release a video on my ‘Books & Baking’ YouTube channel. One week will be a book recommendation, and every other week will be a recipe from my home kitchen for you to try!

Books & Baking is a fun project with no stress and no expectations. Just a way for me to share two of the things I love doing most; books and baking!

So I invite you to do one – or all – of the following-

I hope you enjoy Books & Baking as much as I do! And if you have any questions relating to either, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy reading and baking