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Be careful what you wish for

So I am sitting her on the couch on a Saturday afternoon. The house is quiet and still, the afternoon sun is streaming through the curtains and I am alone. Yes. Alone. Without children. Without husband.

Husband is off quoting a few jobs, the older girls (my step daughters) are at their Mum’s for the week and our two youngest girls are off camping with their Aunty. Now if you had suggested this scenario to me at any stage, ever, I would have been delighted to imagine such peace and tranquility. But be careful what you wish for.

All week I had been excited about this rare (read as: never happens) opportunity for such a delightful break from the relentless noise of a busy six person household. My head was filled with all the things I would do. Listen to music loudly (even the songs with naughty words like Guns n’ Roses), get some serious words under my belt on my fiction, sleep in blissfully, nanna nap during the day, sort through and organise my photo collection, and even maybe… just nothing.

However, all those grandiose plans came unstuck when Miss 4 had a big teary when it was time to leave yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go, more the reality of that I wasn’t going. She was fine five minutes after leaving but the problem was, I wasn’t.

Here I was a little mess missing all of our girls and crying like a baby. A sook. A big, silly sook!

For the next hour I sat sulking in the rumpus room surrounded by toys but no girls. Missing the sounds of their voices chatting and giggling, and fighting. Missing the noise of a busy house with the sounds of TV’s, iPods and girls all colliding, when I should have been simply enjoying and relishing the rare solitude and silence.

I finally managed to pull myself together and head down to mixed netball for a game and then out on a ‘date’ with hubby. Dinner and movies. (We saw ‘Lincoln’. Wow. Amazing movie. Daniel Day-Lewis is great, but Tommy Lee-Jones stole the show.)

And now as I sit here, quietly tapping away on the keyboard with my uninterrupted thoughts, at the forefront of my mind are the girls. What are they up to? Are they wearing sunscreen?Are they tired? Hungry? Are they having a ball? (The answer to the last one is a resounding Yes. So much so that Miss 4 tells me she never wants to come home. Hmphf.)

I know when we head out in the morning to spend the day with them before bringing them home (yes another date night tonight *yay*) that I will be well and truly annoyed with myself for not enjoying this time more. I will vow to make the most of the next opportunity, which may never come along, and I will be kicking myself for being such a silly sook!

Yes, be careful what you wish for!

Do you make the most of any kid-free time that comes your way?

Or are you a sulky mumma like me?