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Bon Voyage!


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This time next week I’ll be drinking Champagne and toasting to the glorious backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Okay, so it won’t be as romantic as that with four kids in tow, more like listening to the excited shrieks of four girls as they experience France for the very first time – which will be almost as good.

Yep, on Saturday we depart for Europe, a trip that’s been 12 months in the making (saving!). We will be spending one glorious week in Paris, two nights in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world Bruges (Belgium) and finishing off with a week in London. To say we are excited is at best, an understatement.

The holiday is also tinged with a little sadness, as it will be our last big holiday with our now Miss 18. And I must say, it will be rather different travelling in the future with one less. I think it will feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing.

But, we won’t dwell on that for now, we’ll first concentrate on making wonderful memories in foreign lands.

Everyone is excited to be climbing the iconic Eiffel tower, eating Belgium chocolate and waffles, and waving to the Queen at Buckingham palace. All those cliched things. But we’re also looking forward to the simplicity of just walking the streets and immersing ourselves in another culture and experiencing their amazing history. That’s where the best memories are made.

So, needless to say I’ll be most likely taking a bloggy break for the next three weeks or so. I won’t say definitely as who knows, I may have great WiFi and have the urge to blog? I will be indulging in sharing gratuitous images on my Instagram and Facebook page, so feel free to follow along.

Oh, and an update on my writing slash editing of manuscript numero uno. I have been playing along with Allison Tait in her #writeabookwithAl for the month of June, and I’ve been editing and rewriting my work in progress. Things are coming along nicely with the first two thirds of the novel edited to a point where I’m pretty happy with it (in author speak that means, it’s okay).

The last third is where my challenge lies as it almost require a complete rewrite, so I have hit a little brick wall. I know my book will be so much better for it, but it seems like an insurmountable task. It’s not. And I need to get my head around that. So this week, among packing and organizing to leave on Saturday, I plan to get stuck into it. I’d love to say I’ll have it done, but I know I won’t. If I can get half way through I’ll be happy. And who knows what inspiration my travels will bring? Maybe my main character will need to take a little visit to Paris??