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Book Review: The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift
Author: Rachael Johns
Published: 2017
Publisher: Harlequin
My Rating: 4.5/5


The Greatest Gift is the latest novel from Australian author Rachael Johns.

Rachael, who found her feet and initial success in the rural romance genre, again steps into the general fiction – or ‘life-lit’ – as she like to call it, arena after great success with her previous two life-lit books, The Patterson Girls, and The Art of Keeping Secrets.

The Greatest Gift tackles the emotional journey of two women. Harper Drummond, a career focused, happily married woman who has decided she doesn’t want to have children. And, Claire Beggs, who after childhood cancer was told she would never be able to conceive a child. After Harper is motivated to donate her own eggs to help someone conceive, she is introduced to Claire and Jasper and they set things in motion. However, the emotional journey that follows will change their lives unexpectedly forever more.

Again Rachael has delivered a book that drags you in from the get go. The characters are likeable and also in many ways, relatable – even if you can’t totally identify to either of their situations. The heart of the book comes down to love, sacrifice, and the emotions and feelings we often hide or repress for one reason or another.

Rachael’s writing is, as always, colourful and fully of vivid imagery. She handles the sterile medical procedures with dignity and heart, and draws the reader in to invest in all the characters. You will find yourself asking – what would I do in that situation? And, what is the right thing to do? – Is there even a right thing to do? It’s those questions that will leave you pondering well after you have finished reading.

Make sure you have the tissues close by for this one. You’ll need them for good times, and for the not so good. And the final chapter, is a beautiful surprise.

The Greatest Gift is an emotionally charged read, that you will be glad you invested the time in.

Note: I was gifted an advanced reading copy in digital form from the publisher and Rachael, however this does not influence my review in any way. And, I would have bought the book in any case!