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Book Review: Into My Arms

Book: Into My Arms

Author: Kylie Ladd

Published: May 2013, Allen & Unwin

Paperback, 352 pages


Do you ever get the feeling of complete calm when you finish reading a book? A book where the story is engrossing and authentic and the characters feel like your own family. A book so beautifully written that you find yourself totally immersed and engaged. And a book where the ending is so purposely fitting.

That is how I felt after finishing Australian author Kylie Ladd’s latest offering, ‘Into My Arms‘.

I first fell in love with Kylie’s writing after ‘meeting’ her on Twitter and reading her first novel¬† ‘After the Fall’. Kylie followed up with ‘Last Summer’ another compelling read which left me wanting, waiting for her next installment.

Newly released Kylie’s latest book ‘Into My Arms’ shows her writing style has again matured and she is most definitely worthy of being one of Australia’s most talented and respected writers.

The book itself follows the story of Skye who falls madly in love with Ben. Their attraction is not only one of immediacy and desire, but one of deep affinity that results in nothing being able to keep them apart. However what could have ended there as a touching story of love at first sight, takes a turn for the worst when they discover a secret that will rock not only their world but the world of those around them.

Unfortunately I can’t go into any further detail with the synopsis without spoiling the storyline, but what I can say is that it will catch your attention and hauntingly lure you into a story full of emotion, turmoil and heartbreak.

Kylie has an innate ability to create beautifully flawed characters. Skye could be your own sister or best friend, Aaran your brother and Ben your soul-mate. She creates characters who are realistic, believable and relatable.

The journey of the characters is back-dropped by intelligent and picturesque narrative pulling you into the story and urging you to turn the page. Kylie also has an uncanny skill of interweaving story lines. At first you wonder how all of these characters fit into the puzzle, then piece by piece it is clear and the picture forms beautifully before your eyes.

Towards the end of the book I was concerned it was going to finish with a ‘happy ever after’ scenario, but true to style Kylie’s endings tactfully leave you satisfied and calm, knowing that real life is full of imperfect endings.

Into My Arms has certainly been one of my favourite books for 2013 and I highly recommend it! Highly!

You can buy it here.


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