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Book Review: Love At First Flight


Love at first Flight
: Tess Woods
Published: 2016
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 320
My Rating: 4/5

Love at first Flight is the anatomy of an affair. It is raw, honest and leaves no stone unturned as it delves deep into the lives of Mel and Matt, two strangers who end up exploring an undeniable yet inappropriate attraction.

I was introduced to this book when I heard about it on Your Creative Life podcast with Vanessa Carnevale who interviewed the author. The story to publication for Tess with this book is really interesting and is worth hearing, particularly for aspiring authors. Anyway, back to the book.

First let me say, the subject matter isn’t going to be for everyone – adultery stirs up very strong opinions in people. But, regardless of your opinion on the subject, the book is worth a read. Tess handles the issue with maturity, honesty and illustrates the emotion, consequences and fall out for all involved and affected by the relationship.

From the first few pages this book pulls the reader in. I liken it to the old analogy of a train wreck – it’s awful but you just can’t look away – and that’s what this book is like. Both Mel and Matt are likable, albeit flawed, characters and regardless of their decisions, the author does well to engage the reader pulling you into the story wanting to know what is going to happen. I found myself torn between wanting them to be happy, yet knowing their relationship built on lies and betrayal, was always doomed.

Tess does a beautiful job with characters, emotion and allows the story to flow. No words are redundant, which is both the telling of good writing and good editing. Throw in a few twists and unexpected revelations, and an ending with is beautifully fitting, and you have a great book.

Love at first flight is an outstanding debut novel that will not only engage you in Mel and Mat’s story, but may even have you looking at your own relationship with new perspective.

 Is this one to add to your list?