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Book Review: Practical Perfection by Kelly Exeter


Today is my birthday. 40 years on this planet to be precise. And when I think back over the last two decades, I’m amazed at the journey of transformation that I’ve been on.

They say with age, comes wisdom, and although I don’t (and never will) proclaim to have all the answers to life, I can say that I am definitely carrying a bag full of knowledge and experience under my arm.

How does this tie in with Kelly’s new book ‘Practical Perfection’? Just perfectly in fact.

You see, I used to be a perfectionist. I used to suffer from being way too hard on myself trying to get it all, (and more) right. For me, it came from a feeling of inadequacy, or as I like to call it the ‘just-a’ syndrome. I’m just an office worker, just a mum, just a business owner, just a writer. I always felt I had to prove to not only myself, but others that I was more. And the way I did that was filling my day from go to woe with stuff. Stuff that would prove how capable, how intelligent, how efficient and how god damned perfect I could be.

I’m not sure how many years it lasted for, but it was a hamster-wheel cycle for so long. Continuously trying to align everything in my life to perfection, getting overwhelmed and then collapsing in a heap from exhaustion and overwhelm. Round and round I went.

The realisation came for me when I decided to be true to who I was. It was a snap decision. I decided enough was enough, and in fact that I was enough. I began questioning everything I was doing. Questioning the whys, and most importantly questioning how things made me feel. Did it feed my soul, the true authenticity of who I was? Or was it something that would continue me on the path of trying to be ‘someone’ I wanted others to see.

I now call myself a recovering-perfectionist. I still have that tendency to err towards the dark side, but for the most part I can pull myself back and find my sweet spot as that is where my joy is.

That’s where Kelly’s book comes in.

It’s funny how Kelly and my journeys have mirrored each others’ for the past few years. More often than not I’ll have read one of her posts and nodded the whole way through thinking ‘How does Kelly get in my head like that?’ Well she does, because she’s been there too and she’s also come out the other side.

And because she has, she is undeniably one of the best people to share her wisdom on the subject.

Reading ‘Practical Perfection’ I was again nodding along to everything. I was smiling in hindsight recognising the places I too had been, but also enjoying the satisfaction of no longer being on that hamster-wheel.

If only Kelly’s book had been out a few years earlier I may have been able to jump off that wheel a lot sooner!

That’s what Practical Perfection will help you do. In fact, it will help you do a lot of things:

  • Realise the pursuit of perfection is unattainable
  • Help you understand why
  • Help you recongize the endless and repeating cycle of stress, burnout and overwhelm
  • Help you to stop being so darn hard on yourself
  • Deliver clear strategies to get you off that hamster-wheel
  • Reach a place of ‘Practical Perfection’ – a state where you can still be your best, but on your terms


Practical Perfection is a well-rounded, no-holds-barred approach to living an inspired and excellent life, without all the unnecessary (and often self-imposed) stress.

I don’t often say this, but go get a copy. Now. You won’t regret it.

You can purchase Practical Perfection on Amazon here.


How do you deal with overwhelm?
Do you think of yourself as a perfectionist?