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Book Review: The One Who Got Away


The One Who Got Away
: Caroline Overington
Published: 2016
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 336
My Rating: 3/5

Caroline Overington is an award winning Australian journalist who has turned her hand to both fiction and non-fiction. This is the first fiction novel of Caroline’s that I’ve read, and was compelled to do so after hearing great things about this book.

The One Who Got Away is a psychological thriller which surrounds the mystery of Loren Wynne-Estes. Loren seems to have it all – a perfect marriage, perfect husband and children, the perfect life. But things are never as they seem, and in fact can be deadly.

On finishing the book, I was left with mixed emotions. In one way I loved it, in other ways I was disappointed.

Generally it was well written, and an easy read. I really enjoyed the different point of views expressed through different means, especially in the first half of the book.

Overington creates great tension along the way, making it hard to put down. I was filled with anticipation, my thoughts running crazy wanting to figure out what had happened to Loren. And although the plot wasn’t water-tight, up until the point of view of the judge, I was in 100%.

For me, the book started to fall away when the judge’s point of view was introduced. I found myself skim reading and my attention waning, although I was still invested enough to want to read on and find out what happened.

I did figure out what was going on before the final plot ‘twist’ was revealed in the last few pages, but wasn’t sure exactly how it would be pulled off. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure if the author knew how it would be pulled off either. The ending seemed rushed and left lots of holes in the story, which left me disappointed. I think with an alternate ending the book would have been a much stronger story – there was so much potential for it to be truly amazing.

I also found the turnaround in the character of Molly, a little unbelievable and feel perhaps the author crossed the personalities of Loren and Molly at some point. In other words, Molly’s actions in the end seemed more fitting to Loren.

There were little things that annoyed me as well such as the setting wasn’t all that well developed, the characters were a little cartoonish, and some of the language and references left it obvious Overington is Australian and not American (the story is set in U.S.A. which I believe Overington lived for a period of time). But that said, those things didn’t taint the story.

I really wanted to love this book as it had so much potential to be outstanding, so I’m left a little frustrated. However, it’s the first Caroline Overington book I’ve read and from other reviews it seems her other books are better so I’ll be off to read them.

Have you read this one? Or any of Caroline’s other books?