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Book Review: The Paper House

the paper house

The Paper House
: Anna Spargo-Ryan
Published: 2016
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Pages: 292
My Rating: 5/5

From the blurb:

Heartbreaking, fearless, and ablaze with a coruscating beauty all its own, The Paper House tells the story of a woman sinking into the depths of grief, and the desperate efforts of her loved ones to bring her up for air. 


Every now and then, a very special book comes along. A book that stands out from the crowd with a unique voice, heart-filled story and stunningly beautiful prose. The Paper House is one of those books.

I’ve been awaiting this release from Anna, her debut novel, ever since she announced her publishing contract. As a follower of her blog and her writing for some time now, I knew it wouldn’t be long until she would be published. Anna has a beautiful way with words, able to seamlessly construct beautiful sentences that take your breath away. The Paper House lived up to and exceeded every expectation I had and more some.

Anna tells a story that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, with a gentle tenderness that is evident in every word on the page. Dealing with issues such as mental illness, childloss, grief, and the intricacies of family isn’t an easy task, yet Anna does so with a delicate, empathetic hand allowing the reader to feel along with the characters every step of the way. What could well have been a tragic, depressing tale, is told so poetically, so touchingly that you will be compelled to turn the page and imagine yourself sitting, breathing with Heather and Dave. And by book’s end, you will be left with a lingering memory of the characters and a hope for their future.

A stand out novel, and one that will stay with me for a long, long time.