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Book Review: Trust The Process (non-fiction)


Trust The Process
101 Tips on Writing & Creativity
Author: Karen Andrews
Published: 2017
Publisher: Miscellaneous Press
My Rating: 4/5

Karen Andrews is an award-winning writer, author, blogger, editor and publisher; someone well qualified and trustworthy to write a book on writing and creativity. Her new book, Trust The Process – 101 Tips on Writing & Creativity  is like diving into Karen’s brain to dip into the abundance of wisdom and knowledge she has gleaned during her multifaceted career.

Trust The Process is written for all writers – novice or expert, article writer or novelist, short story writer or blogger – all types of writers will find something of value among the 101 tips. There are tips on self-publishing, freelance writing, non-fiction, as well as short and long form fiction. Karen really does cover all ground for all writers, something unique for a writing book.

But it’s not only Karen’s wisdom readers are getting. From her extensive network, Karen has included guest tips from writers such as Lisa Heidke, Eliza Henry-Jones, Penni Russon, Fiona Wood and many more.

The book itself is divided into – you guessed it – 101 chapters, one for each tip. Some are simple and short, with no explanation needed. Others are detailed, and full of wonderful insights and unique perspectives. All are inspirational. From tips such as ‘Pay Attention’ and ‘Ask Questions’ through to ‘Dialogue is Character’ and ‘Editors are Golden’, the tips range from the whimsical to the practical. Many chapters also offer exercises that you can undertake to spur your creativity and help you connect with your individual process.

My favourite chapter is a contribution from Lisa Heidke titled ‘Remember the Fun Work. Lisa shares why she writes – because it’s fun! Because she gets to play with peoples’ lives, and step inside characters of all ages and from all walks of life – what could be better than that? I know I will re-read this chapter in times of frustration to remind me why I write!

One of the biggest takeaways I got from this book, was that the creativity process is both a common one, and a unique one. Each writer has a (or many) goal/s to work towards, and the journey towards those goals can be quite unique for each writer. However, as Karen reminds us, we all need to trust in the process.

After you’ve read through Trust The Process, you’ll realise it’s one of those writing books that you will want nearby your writing desk so you can dip into it when the need arises. It’s a book that will pick you up during those times of fear and imposter syndrome, and that will help spur on your creativity when your reserves are low. A great read, and a great resource.