Books & Baking: What is it?

Books & Baking with Jodi Gibson is my new project for 2021. And I’m so excited to share it with you.

After a rather disastrous start to the year, I decided I needed to recalibrate and do some ‘soul searching’. I came to the realization that I needed to release my focus on solely writing and find something else. Not that writing will take a back seat at all, it will still be my main priority, but I realized that there is more to who I am than just being an author.

I asked myself ‘What are the things I love doing?’ Baking was the first thing that sprung to mind.

In 2018, I began an Instagram project called 100 Favourite Cakes, where I began to bake the cakes out of one of my oldest recipe books, The Women’s Weekly 100 Favourite Cakes. And while I only made it about half-way through the book, I had great fun doing it. But this time around, I didn’t want to just do a baking project. I wanted to combine the two things I loved: books and baking.

There are quite a few home-bakers tackling book-inspired recipes which is a fantastic idea. There’s also plenty of wonderful authors who bake and share their yummy recipes on their socials and in their newsletters. But, I wanted to do something different. And then, while discussing things with my family, I joked about beginning a YouTube baking channel where I could share my favourite recipes. My 12-year-old was mortified! She already cringes at my Friday Catch Up videos on Insta. But the idea had already seeded in my brain.

I sat with it and it began to sprout very quickly. I had the idea of doing a book recommendation at the start of each episode, and then I thought why not do one episode where I do a book recommendation one week and a recipe the next. And at that moment, Books & Baking was born.

The idea behind Books & Baking is a project that has no expectations and no pressure. It’s a bit of fun. My 15-year-old has put up her hand to help me edit the videos and has told me once I have one million subscribers I have to give her a cut. Needless to say, I won’t have to worry about that!

The first episode will be released on March 1st beginning with my take on the Best Chocolate Cake Ever. (I’ve already leaked the recipe here.) And the following week will be a book recommendation.

My goal for Books & Baking is simply to share two things I love doing. And to share a little bit of who I am and what makes me, me.

If you’re interested in following my Books & Baking project you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest videos, subscribe to my newsletter for all things books and baking, or follow me on Insta or FB at @jfgibsonwriter

Happy reading and baking!


  1. … looking forward to seeing your daughter’s editing skills, your cakes and of course Ken. Cheeries Gab

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