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The Memories We Hide

Genre: Contemporary drama stand alone

Release date: 20th August 2019


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Can you trust your memories?

Laura Murphy has always been intent on leaving the past behind her, however, when she returns home to care for her dying mother, she finds painful memories begin to resurface.

Ten years earlier, Laura had fled the small town after the death of her boyfriend Ryan Taylor but now she is realising there was more to that tragic night than she remembers.

After connecting with childhood friend Tom, Laura soon discovers that even those closest to her hold secrets and betrayals that will make her question her own memories.

Will searching for the truth be too much to bear or will Laura free herself of her hidden memories and finally be able to move on?

The Five Year Plan

Genre: Modern chick-lit. The first book in the Demi & Anna series.

Release date: (Coming 2020)

Demi and Anna’s five-year plan isn’t living up to expectations. Demi is still single, but at least has the family cafe to keep her going. While Anna still manages to pick the wrong guy every single time, and is facing a self-imposed career crisis.
But when Demi meets handsome real-estate prodigy Wil who seems too good to be true and Anna runs (literally) into private investigator Brad, things are about to change.

The Five Year Plan is the first book in the Demi & Anna series.