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Busyness and excuses

I’ve been a bit slack on the writing front lately. Not that I want to be. Somehow stupid, mundane life has managed to get in the way.

This past few weeks has been filled with birthdays, relatives visiting, dance comps and general busyness. And the next few weeks forecast much of the same; more birthdays, parties to arrange, long weekend, guests and visitors.

I haven’t been able to get stuck into my Bloglovin’  feed, I’ve slacked off on my own blog front and my writing is pretty much non-existent. I’ve hit a snag in my fiction which I know will only be overcome by tackling it head on, and I haven’t submitted any freelance pitches recently.

Sometimes I feel I just can’t fit enough in my head-space. The obsessive-compulsive organiser takes over not only me, but the creative side of my brain strangling any thoughts and banishing any spare time I thought I may have to spend writing. Yes, things get done; the necessities and the mundane, but always being present in the busyness of life leaves me feeling washed out, tired and uninspired.

Excuses and procrastination begin to take over.

‘There’s no use sitting down writing you’ll only be interrupted’

‘You don’t have time.’

‘No! Not even five minutes!’

‘Just wait until things quieten down’

‘July. It’s cold. Great time to write. And no birthdays or dance comps!’

Excuses and procrastination.

And once they take hold they can be nasty little buggers to shake off.

I really do need to have a good talking to myself and get some old fashioned hardcore focus back into my life. I just need to sit down and write! No excuses.

It really is that simple!


Do you get caught up in life and start making excuses for yourself?

How do slap yourself back into focus?