My Top Ten Posts for 2017

. It’s time again for my annual list of top blog posts of the year. This year, my blogging focus turned from a mix of introspective posts and writing posts, to a more dedicated focus on writing. I’m now officially a writing blogger. (cue applause). The evolution was organic, and it feels right. And when … Read more

Story ideas: The big scary ones

. Story ideas are funny things. Some say they have an abundance of ideas. Others have ideas swirling around their head but they take a while to fully form into something that can be articulated. And then there are others for whom ideas are few and far between. I have a notebook dedicated to story … Read more

Do you need a dedicated writing space?

. What does your perfect writing space look like? If you’re like Stephen King you might think your writing space has to be a private room, where you ‘go to dream’. Or, you may be like JK Rowling who wrote the first draft of Harry Potter in cafes and on trains. Or, perhaps you are … Read more

The Power of Connection aka Meeting Other Writers

Writing is a solitary pursuit. It can be lonely and isolating. And although family and friends are supportive, unless they are writers themselves, they don’t understand the pull, commitment, frustrations and joys that writing brings. This is why the internet has been such a wonderful thing for writers. Online writing groups and communities, and of … Read more

What I’ve learned about editing a novel

  It’s been a while since I’ve popped in here for a chat. Actually, it’s been a while since I did anything but edit a novel. Editing/rewriting/revising/redrafting – call it what you like, the process is different for all writers. And with each redraft, the process is different. This is something I learned during draft … Read more

Ideas: Where do they come from?

It’s a question most writers will be asked. Where do you get your ideas? Where do you draw your inspiration from? I’d love to say¬†there’s a honey pot full of sweet, sticky ideas just waiting to dip your finger into. But there’s not. However, ideas are everywhere. You just need to be open to them. … Read more

Writing Focus: Masterclass

It’s time to put my word for 2017, FOCUS, into action. The next five days will see me taking part in a Fiction Masterclass with one of Australia’s most successful commercial fiction authors, Fiona McIntosh. The masterclass is an amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Fiona is a true … Read more

5 ways to improve your writing right now

Writing is a craft. Something that is painstakingly fine tuned over time – lots of time. But there are steps you can take to improve your writing right now.   Write Every Day This is nothing new. Forming a daily writing habit is something all writers strive to do. My most popular post last year … Read more