Choosing the grey areas of life

Scrolling through Facebook the other day, I came across this quote from Sally Coulter. Now, I have no idea who Sally Coulter is, but this quote and it’s inherent message kept streaming into my consciousness all day.   I’m not sure where I sit with this. As much as I can see what Sally is … Read more

Dealing with creative guilt

Creative guilt; noun; 1. a feeling of remorse from spending time on creative pursuits with no defined outcome I used to think of creativity as kind of like a bubble. A defined circle where real artists lived, honing their craft, and wallowed in an abundance of ideas and creativity. Where beautiful words, paintings, and art … Read more

In defence of the inspirational quote

Love them, or hate them, inspirational quotes are all around us. I’m old enough to remember the days when inspirational quotes were limited to self-help books or posters on the walls of doctor’s clinics. But nowadays, there probably isn’t a day go that goes by when social media isn’t bombarded with positive sayings and motivational quotes. … Read more