Busyness and excuses

I’ve been a bit slack on the writing front lately. Not that I want to be. Somehow stupid, mundane life has managed to get in the way. This past few weeks has been filled with birthdays, relatives visiting, dance comps and general busyness. And the next few weeks forecast much of the same; more birthdays, … Read more

What a different perspective brings

You know when you are looking to buy a new car and you start to see the car you like everywhere? It’s parked next to you in the supermarket, across the road at the traffic lights and passes you as you drive down the highway. Life’s like that in general. When your mind changes focus … Read more

Envy or Admiration?

It’s something that all writers experience more often than not. Writer Envy. No matter what your passion and talent; non-fiction, feature article, blogger, fiction, chances are not a day goes by when you don’t read something and think ‘Wow!’ followed by a ‘I wish could write like that‘. But it’s not always an emotion coloured … Read more

Choosing to no longer fight myself

Once upon a time there was an intelligent, sensitive, driven young woman who desired to succeed. She bought into the feminist theory that woman can have it all, just as much as the next man. Then one day, everything came crashing down. She needed a break. She indeed had it all; family, career, life. But it … Read more