It’s all happening

Well, the past few weeks, months really, have been quite eventful. It all started when I spied an unusual home for sale in the local paper… you know what’s coming don’t you. Yep, we’re moving. We checked out the house, fell in love with the location, (2.4 acres on the creek in the middle of … Read more

The best of 2015

So here we are. This is it. The curtain call of 2015. The time to say “au revior” to the year that was. As we countdown the final few days until Christmas, this will most likely be my last post of the year (probably, but never say never!). And as I look in the rear-view mirror, … Read more

I have a dilemma

Parenting is hard work. We all know that. Navigating the waters day to day as the tide ebbs and flows, is both joyous and challenging, and you never really know when the rip is going to pull you under. Well, it’s well and truly dragging me under at the moment and I’m struggling to keep my … Read more