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RWA19 Wrap Up – Romance Writers of Australia 2019 Annual Conference

The Romance Writers of Australia held their annual conference in Melbourne from Friday, August 9 through to Sunday, August 11th. Due to family commitments, I was only able to attend the Friday workshops but I had an amazing time. RWA19 was my debut conference and as a conference ‘newbie’ I was nervous but excited. Nervous…

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What happened when I stopped self-analyzing

A FB friend of mine and fellow writer, John Anthony James (remember that name, he’ll be big in the spec-fiction genre one day), posted an update on Facebook the other day. He commented how much happier he has been since he stopped self-analyzing. And how he feels he is much more able to ‘just live’….

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What’s your crazy dream job?

Last week I was listening to Kelly and Brooke’s Let It Be podcast where they were answering listener questions. One inquisitive listener asked the girls, ‘If you could do any job in the world (other than what you do now – even if it’s your dream job!), what would it be?’ Interesting question right? I…