Instagram for Writers the why & how

It’s true a picture can speak louder than words, which is why Instagram is one of the biggest social networks right now. But for authors, where words are the most important commodity, how can Instagram be a useful tool? After playing around with Instagram for the last couple of years, I’ve come to realise that there are plenty … Read more

On Credibility

I don’t often get my ranty pants on in public. Life is too short really. But last week I had a couple of encounters on social media that were not that nice and really got my goat. As much as I love social media we all know it does have an evil side and although I try and concentrate on the positive power of it, sometimes the devil rears it’s ugly head.

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Treading water

Do you know what I’ve done today? Not a whole lot, that’s what. It’s even taken me most of the day to figure what to blog about. The problem being I just can’t think straight. Things have been busy around here lately, and although I’m not complaining I feel I have been rolling like a stone evolving into a ball of gigantic proportions. I wouldn’t’ really say I’m overwhelmed, just tired. It’s the coming down after a few weeks of highs.

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