The lighthouse keeper

“The sea washes angrily against the rocky shoreline while the wind howls and moans with a painful tiredness. Looking out the small window the only light is the long flash from above me warning the ships to stay awake, be alert and travel onward safely. Although the storm is rising the blackness of night is calming.

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Writing Insights: The intricacy of the sub plot

I wrote the other week about the importance of characters and my thoughts on how crucial they are to the story, and 75,000 words into my current work I am really happy with my characters.  They are well rounded and have found their voice. They are emotionally responsive, flawed and relateable; everything I wanted them to be. And I think I have succeed in them them taking me on their journey,showing me what they would do next rather than me telling them. So on the character front I think I am doing okay, maybe even well but one thing that is challenging me and creating negative dialogue in my head is the story line and subplot.

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Writing Insights: Characters

I like to call myself a writer and although I have a long way to go ( a loooong way to go) I have learned a lot on my journey so far. I’m certainly no expert and don’t have a whole lot of wisdom to share but I thought I’d share my insights thus far.

Now let’s preface this post by saying my  ‘Writing Insights’ posts won’t appeal to everyone so feel free to click on now, for the rest of you let’s talk about what I’ve learned about characters.

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Tonight I’m feeling low. Sometimes the world just gets to you. All the bad stuff.

The violence. The rapes and assaults. The domestic violence. The harm to our precious children. The drug and alcohol abuse. Poverty and family breakdown. The homelessness. Illness. Those dealing with mental health issues in a society that doesn’t know how to deal with them. A justice system that is broken and hope-less.


Too many words

I haven’t been blogging much lately and that seems to be the opening line of my last few blog posts. Recurring theme perhaps? It’s not that I haven’t had anything to blog about, no quite the opposite. My brain is full of blog fodder, but getting it in order is the difficult part.

When I come to blog I tend to let the words just roll off my fingertips, direct from my brain. A lot of the time they don’t make much sense until I go back and edit them, putting them in a sensible order and polishing the paragraphs so they are nice and shiny. But lately I’ve been confused.

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How not to write

So I’ve been focusing on writing this week. Really focusing. I’m aiming for 500 words a day on my novel and I’m working on a couple of articles and pitches. But… things don’t always go to plan.

Unfortunately for me I do my best writing when the clock hits about 11pm the other unfortunate thing is that is supposed to be bedtime. However, today much to my surprise I ended up with an unexpected spare hour of time.

One whole hour. Everything was perfect. Here I was child-free, work up to date, the housework under control and it was pouring rain so a run was off the agenda. A perfect time to write! 

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Happy Endings

I’ve been writing again. The ever-amazing Anna Spargo-Ryan has kicked my butt into gear via our NaNoWriMo writing group on Facebook, inviting us to be accountable to each other and aim for 500 words a day for each day in June. It’s worked.

I find I need accountability, not only for the pats on the back but for the support when something doesn’t quite go to plan. Having a deadline gives me a goal, forces me to put on my blinkers and focus. I’ve always been the same. Something to do with my inner control-freak combined with my obsessive compulsive nature I guess.

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