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Change: Why baby steps are important

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So I’m cheating a little with today’s post, but there’s two good reasons why.

1. I’m currently spending all my creativity word wise on my NaNoWriMo project and after three days can happily say I’m on track. Yay!
2. This article was too good not to blog about.

I’ll keep it brief, but the article I’m referring to is over at and is called

A Simple 3-Week Plan To Better Yourself 1% Every Day (That Will 100% Benefit Your Life)

You can click here to read the full article which I DEFINITELY recommend you do.

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell at you but it’s such a great article.

You see change isn’t easy.

The first part of change is acknowledging you want to change your life; that in itself isn’t easy.

Then you sit down and try and figure out how the hell to make the change in your life and that, can be truly daunting.

If you look at the whole picture you are bound to get overwhelmed. Change is so much more than waking up one day and doing things differently. It is a step by step process. Sometimes a one step forward, two steps back kind of process.

What I’ve learned over the past five years (as I said, long process), is that you need to take baby steps and give yourself a little grace. If you look at the end goal too often you’ll get down on yourself for it not becoming clearer or closer as quickly as you envisaged.

So my three tips for incorporating change into your life would be:

1. Baby steps

2. Don’t try and change everything all at once, concentrate on one or two areas at a time

3. Set mini goals, not just and end goal


And that is where this fabulous article comes in.

The piece talks about changing and improving things in your life one percent at a time. Whether you are trying to change your outlook on life, simplify life, make it more meaningful, change career paths or change your health there are so many gems in this article. Even if you don’t want (or aren’t ready to) follow their 21 day plan, I’m sure you will find at least a few ideas that you can incorporate into your day and begin the process of change.

Now enough from me going over and check it out. 


What little changes have you made in your life that made a big difference? 



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