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Change: the journey so far

Late December I announced my word for 2014, that word being change. Now seven weeks into the new year and I feel that my word has been a perfect choice. It’s funny how a word can affect your mindset so much, but I think you also have to be ready too. And I’m more than ready. So how is the journey so far? Let’s see…






Change #1. To be a writer, a real writer

The year has started well with two of my articles published on Essential Kids and a couple of corporate writing projects under my belt. And today I received positive feedback from a print magazine I’ve been wanting to write for. They have asked to see my pitch on spec meaning ‘write it first then we’ll consider it’ rather than commissioning it straight from pitch. It’s exciting, a long way from a complete yes, but nonetheless exciting!

I’m also working on some changes to allow me more time to write. It’s what I want to do and as the wise Kelly Exeter blogged today ‘success comes down to how badly you want it’. Right on Kel.

The changes I’m working on are varied, with some able to be implemented now (all will be revealed soon) and others, such as putting my dance wear business on the market, will take some time. Now, patience isn’t my strongest point so I am trying to take each day at a time and hopefully will have some luck with the sale sooner rather than later.

Verdict so far? So far, so good.

Change #2. Family

Well, now we have all four girls at school. Yes our baby trundled off to school with a skip in her step and excitement on her face. Proud is an understatement and even more so as she was awarded student of the week this week. Proud. As. Punch.

I’m still trying to find my own routine being so used to a little one tagging along behind me. It’s great in one way, but I find myself a little sad in another.

I’m trying hard to focus on being present in every moment of the day too. One hundred percent focused on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking doesn’t work, even though sometimes it is necessary. My biggest focus is on being present when the kids are home.

Verdict so far? A work in progress as I find my centre.

 Change #3. Be more positive

Now this one I’m rocking. I’m really making an effort to enjoy moments which not only warms my heart but calms my mind. The flow on affect is incredible. I’m finding myself able to look at things with a positive perspective, rather than just jumping to the possible problems and negatives. This is a biggie for me. Not that I’m generally a negative person, I’m not, I have though in recent years found myself crushing ideas and opportunities before even considering them. I’m certainly not a ‘changed woman’ yet, but I am well on the way and you know what? It feels really good! I’m calmer, happier and feel so much lighter. I’m sure those around me are noticing it too.

Verdict so far? Rocking it baby.

Change #4. Respect My Health

The biggest change I’ve made this year in regards to respecting my health is taking on yoga. I’ve never been much into meditation or gentle exercise preferring to pound the pavement, sweat it out aerobically or blitz it on the netball court but this year things have changed. In part it’s been a forced change. For the past four months I’ve been suffering with a very painful lower back issue which stems from an old water-skiing accident. The problem flares up every now and then but usually settles, however this time it hasn’t. I’m unable to play netball and unable to run. I find myself in pain having to bend and sleeping or lying down for long periods is trying to say the least. I’ve been seeing my chiropractor with little relief so this week had a CT scan to see if we can see what’s going on. So in short I’ve been forced into a more gentle exercise regime, and Yoga it is.

I’ve discovered a fabulous app called ‘Yoga Studio”  and it has me sold on Yoga. I won’t bang on about how the app works, check it out for yourself, but what I will say is that it is helping get me moving and actually challenging me psychically, much to my surprise. My flexibility is improving, I am toning muscles I only thought existed in fitness guru types and it is changing my mindset for the better. A calm zen.

I start the day with some gentle stretching, then 30 minutes of Yoga. Then at the end of the day I do a 15 minute relaxation session. I really am sold. I love it. I’m now up to trying to challenge myself even further. I’ll be doing the forearm-stand scorpion before you know it (or maybe not)!

Verdict so far? This is the biggest and most impacting change so far. Yeah baby! 


The journey so far is slow and steady but on track. I feel focused, energized and excited. And it’s a good way to feel.


Did you pick a word for 2014? 
How’s it working for you so far? 


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