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Change: the next chapter

Last week I blogged about how my word for the year ‘change‘ is going. In that post I hinted that I have another ‘change’ in store that I was planning to share. So here it is…

There is one thing that consumes me in this world. The internet. I’ve spoken before about my love/hate relationship with it, especially social media, and I don’t think it’s a battle I will ever win but it is one I need to control. I know the internet is a necessary part of life today, it certainly has it’s place but when it begins to consume the times we should be working, playing or spending time with our family that’s when things need to change.

For me, social media and the ability of the internet to make the world a smaller place has been wonderful. Without the internet there is no way I would have been able to work at home while my kids were young or connect with so many different people and opportunities living in a regional country area as I do. I also know going forward with my writing that having an online presence is necessary and using the internet for my work is essential. But here’s the thing. There is so much I don’t need to be doing and so much more I want to be doing.

That is the deal breaker.

So I’m making some changes. I’m taking a step back from blogging and social media in order to spend more time writing and moving forward as a writer. I know it’s something I’ve pondered for a long time but it took words from a very wise mentor of mine who shall remain nameless (but you may know her as my blog crush), to confirm this “Paid writing must come first”.

Of course it must! Oh it all seems so simple now. The clouds have cleared and the sun is beating down lighting my way. I can see! I can see!

It is all nice and interesting, oh so lovely to read blog after blog after blog. And really I wish I had all day everyday to do so. Wouldn’t that be nice? I also feel so compelled to comment on every blog I read out of a genuine appreciation, but time is precious and paid writing must come first and family must come second. Everything else needs to be cut back.

So here’s what I’m doing.

– Cutting back on the blogs I read each day

– Cutting back on commenting on every blog or news piece I read

– Limiting my Twitter to a block of 15mins – 30 mins each night

– Only using Facebook for interaction with my writing group and I will post once a day to my FB page. Anyone who knows me can call me to see what’s happening – like the old days.

– Blogging once per week. One meaningful, interesting post. (pressures on!)

And that will be that.


The rest of my working time will be spent writing, researching, interviewing and editing. Stuff that I love, stuff that inspires me and stuff that makes me smile. And some of that I even get paid to do!!

Yes I will lose followers, yes Facebook will cut my page status updates down to being seen by .0087 people and yes Twitter will cull me from the ‘cool‘ cliques (not that I was ever a member!) but I want to make this writing thing work.

I’ve worked hard to get where I am today and have been fortunate enough to have been published online and it’s fantastic, but I want more. I want to be published in print and then again and again. More! More!

Then there is my book. My story is crying, pleading for attention in the form of  being stripped apart and edited and my new fiction project is bursting and splattering my imagination, ready to be written.

And I still have to factor in ‘real’ work as I like to call it, still working my retail dance wear store as I put it on the market and wait for a sale. I must finish what I started.

So yes the time to kill my procrastination has come. This is the way forward.

But I do want to leave with you with two things:

Firstly, please don’t think I’ve abandoned reading your blog. I proably haven’t, but I may just not be commening as much.

Secondly, if you have a dream. Go for it. Do it. Cull the things from your life that take away from your dream. Commit to it. What’s the worst that can happen? End back at square one? The quote above my desk stares at me and inspires me every single day:

“Leap and the net will appear”

I truly believe it.