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Did your handwriting grow up with you?

handwriting with watermarkThis picture is of my writing on a really good day, thankfully it aligned with the writing of this post.

I have awful handwriting. It’s half way between print and cursive. Which I’m sure would make my primary school teacher die of shock after all that effort in her teaching of the perfect writing style.

My writing didn’t really evolve further than my year 7 days. It’s messy, letters are unformed, sometimes unidentifiable, sometimes not even there! If I’m honest, it looks like a twelve year old’s writing.

I used to envy the writing of my parents, particularly my mothers. It was cursive and beautiful, with every letter perfectly formed; same height, same width. It was neat and professional, like an adult’s writing should. She could effortlessly write out a note to the teacher that you’d think belonged in a book of calligraphy.

Mine? Not so much. In fact, some days I can’t write at all. I simply can’t communicate from my brain to my hand with any ease, and what ends up is not much better than a scribble!

Oh, and if I’m busy, well, you can just forget about trying to read anything I write. You should see my diary. A mass of scribbled notes that you would swear was written in some secret shorthand code. But no, it’s real words. I promise. Not that I can read them, but at the time of writing they were words! No wonder some days I struggle with my to-do list – I can’t read it!

Apparently, experts in the field, aka graphologists, say that your handwriting can indicate more than 5,000 personality traits! They can analyse everything from the space between letters, to the height, slanting, shape and how you dot your ‘i’s. I particularly like their take on speed:

“If you write quickly, you are impatient, dislike delays or time wasters.”

Yep, me in a nut shell.

Another article on the Daily Mirror UK, has some interesting things to say about Barrack Obama’s and John Lennon’s handwriting.

Interesting stuff huh?

And did you know that there are many creatives who still prefer to write longhand? From screenplays to novels, these guys must have really great writing, and possibly, really sore wrists by the end of the day. Can you imagine writing 100,000 words long hand???

All I know, is I’m so glad for the advancement in technology that allows me to type at 80 words per minute and it can actually be read!

Do you feel like you’ve got ‘grown-up’ handwriting? 

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