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Do you say no to the drama of life?

Deep breath, I’m getting personal here. But I’m sure I’m not alone. So here goes.

How many people feel like they attract drama in their life? Go on, really think about it. I’m not necessarily talking about huge events of misfortune, disruption or calamity. By all means they count, but even little day to day dramas such as the cat going missing, forgetting to pay the credit card bill or even just running late for school/work/anything.

Perhaps it is the busy lives we lead that cause us to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with the slightest disruption to our day. Or maybe, it is just the OCD coming out in me.

To be honest, the little day to day dramas can be handled or at best tolerated. I shrug them off with a deep sigh, roll of the eyes or shake of the head.

Mum, my shoes don’t fit me!‘ (Even when they fit perfectly yesterday)

‘Honey, I need to to pick up the such and such from such and such as I won’t be back in time’ (Even though I have to go to work, then collect and ferry children around all afternoon).

Crash! The sound of shattering glass hitting the tiles in the kitchen as Miss 4 tries to get her own drink.


And it is a big but… Sometimes countless things roll into one, and the little day to day dramas begin to pile up and seem an insurmountable weight upon ones shoulders. It only takes the slightest brush from a drifting feather to bring everything crashing down.

But you sigh, you cry and then you pry yourself from the floor ready to face up to a new day and it’s possibilities.

Then there are big dramas. Family dramas. The type of dramas that every family, big or small, white or black, close or distant have to deal with. The personal afflictions that keep rearing their ugly little heads from generation to generation. Evey family has their own cross to bear, no matter how ‘happy families’ their facade appears.

I made a choice as I grew and matured from teen to adulthood: that I would choose to remove myself from family drama. And for the most part, I have been successful. I choose when to get involved and when to step back. If things get too heavy and lead down a path that has been well traveled before, I must step back. For myself and for my family now.

Sometimes it is a hard choice. Sometimes, when  those in despair are crying out for help, the decision can be heart wrenching. But I can no longer take on this drama. There comes a time in life when we all must walk alone. When we must forge ahead and become responsible for our actions. When we must face up to our behaviours and take ownership of our lives. Those words are harsh, I know. Sometimes I wonder if a small piece of my heart was hardened by the dramas that were a constant in my childhood. Deep down I know I was. But it is this knowing that makes me strive oh so hard for life’s dramas not to harden my own children.

So I choose no.

How do you deal with the day to day drama of life?

Have you had to face up to big drama and chosen to walk away?