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Do you hold a grudge?

I like to think of myself as a friendly person. I don’t hate people, (hate is such a strong word), but of course there are people that I dislike and I like to think that is no different anyone else. There will always be people that we just don’t ‘get’ and don’t ‘click’with which is fine. I’m sure there are many people that think that way of me.  But what if someone really rubs you the wrong way? What if someone purposely sets out to bad mouth you? Could you simply shrug it off? Forgive and forget? Move on?

I tend to ignore those types of people. They seem to thrive on the drama of life and usually live for a reaction. I don’t buy into that game. There is more to life than letting others live rent free inside your head. But at the moment I am in a ‘situation’,  a predicament of sorts. One where I have realised I am holding a little grudge under the surface.

Without getting into too much detail I am having to deal with someone whom I don’t like, and who for one reason or another doesn’t like me. That part is fine, as I said above we all can’t like each other; get past, move on. However, the problem is, this person bad mouthed me quite viciously a couple of years ago which at the time I didn’t respond or retaliate – I let it slide. I didn’t think I would have anything to gain from doing so and my dealings with the person in question were short and (not so) sweet. Again, life’s too short right?

But now that I am having to deal with this person and see them at least a couple of times a week it is starting to grate on me. We exchange pleasantries on the surface but deep down my blood is beginning to simmer. I didn’t think I was the type to hold grudges but apparently I am. I don’t like these feelings building within and what makes it worse is that to get myself out of the situation in question would mean a fair bit of upheaval personally and professionally.

So tell me, should I simply grin and bare it? Pretend that all that happened in the past remains there? (Pretend being the operative word). Or should I remove myself from the situation?

Please don’t tell me to confront the person as that is not an option, they would lie and laugh it off which would totally piss me off even more and possibly lead to more disastrous happenings.

Would love your thoughts to ponder.


Do you hold grudges or move on?
Is it ever okay to be ‘grudgemental’
(totally made up word, but I kind of like it!)