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Do you need a dedicated writing space?



What does your perfect writing space look like?

If you’re like Stephen King you might think your writing space has to be a private room, where you ‘go to dream’. Or, you may be like JK Rowling who wrote the first draft of Harry Potter in cafes and on trains. Or, perhaps you are like Jane Austen, who penned her famous stories sitting at a tiny, round occasional table.

Although we can all dream of a dedicated writers’ studio or cabin with amazing views of rolling hills or gently lapping waves, for many it’s neither affordable nor practical. And do you really need a dedicated writing space to write a book? Of course you don’t, but it doesn’t stop us dreaming!

I would love a writing cabin overlooking our gardens. The view of the ducks sunning by the pond, the chickens fossicking among the leaf litter, the horse grazing on the green grass and the dog lazing in the shade. Sounds idyllic right? But, it’s something that won’t be happening. Not until I sign my multi-novel contract anyway!

Lately though, I have been longing for a private space to write. At the moment I write at the kitchen table. It’s drenched in sunlight most of the day, and does overlook our yard, so it’s a nice space to write. I find I can’t write at my work desk, as my mind hits ‘work-mode’ when I sit down and all I can think of is accounts, client work and invoices!

Recently, we found ourselves with a spare room. It’s a small bedroom with a glass sliding door to our side porch. I found myself wondering what to do with the room. Sure, it can be a guest bedroom, but that’s boring. And then, my mind began wondering if it could be my writing room. Needless to say, I didn’t contemplate for long. It wasn’t long before I was making plans on how to decorate it. The problem – budget, or lack of! But, I wasn’t going to let a little problem like money stop me.

So, over the past week I set to gathering things around the house to help furnish my very own writing room.

I had a spare student desk – just a cheap K-mart one – but it would do the job. I raided the cupboards for an unused desk lamp, moved my bookcases, and grabbed a spare dining chair and covered it with a throw rug and cushion for my chair. I then moved my bookcases and a spare floor lamp into the room. The only things I purchased were an inexpensive wing back chair off ebay, and some canvas prints. Total cost of the room make over – under $100!

And the best thing is, it can still be used as a guest bedroom. The bed is being stored in the walk in robe and within five minutes my desk can be removed, and the bed shifted and made up!

And here it is…


The desk isn’t big, but it will do.


.Love having my bookshelves close by.





My thinking & reading chair!


I love these canvas prints!


The afternoon sun does pop in.

The girls dropping by to say ‘Hi!’


I’m loving my new writing space. It has such a peaceful feel, and although I don’t get the lashings of sunshine like I did at the kitchen table, I also don’t get distracted watching the animal life either!

My new writing space won’t make me a better writer, and it won’t make the writing process easier. But, like Stephen King advises, it has a door: a door I can shut and advise the world that I mean business!



Do you have a dedicated writing space?

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