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Envy or Admiration?

It’s something that all writers experience more often than not. Writer Envy.

No matter what your passion and talent; non-fiction, feature article, blogger, fiction, chances are not a day goes by when you don’t read something and think ‘Wow!’ followed by a ‘I wish could write like that‘.

But it’s not always an emotion coloured green.

As a writer, I love to read. If I didn’t have a life, I would choose to simply lock myself in a lighthouse and read. It is the search for great writing that every writer craves. That compulsion to read a passage, a book, a vignette that will stop you in your tracks. Words that will pause your breath, grab your heart and squeeze every emotion out onto the page in front of you. Words that ignite imagination and wonder. Words that clutch at your throat and threaten to turn you inside out. Those words.

There are so many words out there and so many talented wordsmiths able to bring their curves and lines to life.

This week in particular I have come across so many fabulous pieces of writing that at one point I felt like giving up my aspirations as a writer. The little black ghost of self-doubt hovered over my shoulder snickering. But it was fleeting.

If anything great writing inspires me to keep going in the hope that one day, maybe one day, I will write words that stir and affect others, eloquent words that leap off the page and into the imagination of the reader. That’s what I want.

For now, I will keep on writing, honing, shaping, experimenting and of course reading great writing. After all, that’s what inspired me to get into this gig.


Are you both envious and inspired by great writing?