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Ever felt cheated?

Have you ever fallen in love with a blog or website only to have it totally transform before your eyes into something totally different to what it started as?

Let me explain.

Last year I discovered a new website, a blog-azine, that instantly resonated with me. I was intelligent, inspiring and promised articles and discussion on topics close to me such as women in business, motherhood and life balance. It didn’t promise anything magical just real life, engaging and relatable content.  I loved it.

Every day I would check in to see the latest article often from smart, inspiring women and the blog owner herself. It was exciting and something new and different, it was filling a much needed void for this type of mode. For a few months the site delivered fantastic content and engagement and buzz began to grow. Then something happened.

Posts became fewer and dwindled down to one or two per week. Although the articles were still great quality I could sense a change. When the site did begin to ramp up again it was clear that the direction and intention of the blog owner had changed. It became very business oriented and more focused on how the blog owner could personally ‘help the reader.  I won’t go into details as I certainly don’t want to insult or offend the site in question; the new direction of the blog is certainly a viable and attractive niche for what it is. But it has a totally different feel to which it started. I felt sad and almost I guess… cheated.

Kind of like when your favourite blogger decides to run sponsored posts and turn towards ‘monetizing’ their blog and soon enough every second day is sponsored content. I rarely read sponsored content blog posts as it’s just not my thing and I know a few of my favourite blogs have gone that way. I still love these blogs but click away once I see that ‘sponsored’ post. Each to their own, but I prefer to read something more…. real.

People do change though and that is the beauty of blogging. It is a personal space which changes and grows as we do. It’s only natural.

Here in my space, I am mindful of not wanting to blatantly ‘promote’ myself – my freelancing or social media coaching too much. There’s a sprinkle here and there, but it’s not my focus for the blog content. I don’t want to become a platform. I simply want to share my writing and thoughts along the way hoping that it not only makes me a better writer but also resonates with others on similar paths.

So why feel cheated or mislead by that blog-azine? I shouldn’t. It’s simply the blogger changing and transformation along her own journey. But as much as I realise this I do still feel a little cheated.


Have you ever fell for a blog only to find them totally change?
What’s your take on ‘sponsored’ content? 

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