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Ever felt like this?

Some days you just wish you didn’t get out of bed. Yesterday was like that.

It started off well enough, the kids got off to school on time, the house was relatively clean but then it was like someone tipped the day, and more so me, on my head. Within the space of half an hour I was feeling consumed by an avalanche of ‘to dos’. Things that weren’t on my to do list that seemed to crop up with urgency plastered all over them.

By lunch time I was pulling my hair out wishing that I could just crawl back into the warmth of my bed and hide under the doona till morning. But I couldn’t. I had to deal with it. So ‘coping’  mode kicked in and I just did the bare minimum.

Usually I am a very orderly person. I like routine, I like to do lists and I like structure to my day. Very OCD. But the problem with this is that on days when things don’t go to plan I can feel overwhelmed very easily and when that happens…. well you don’t want to be  around me. I turn into a stressed out monster with a very short fuse and very big grumpy pants.

What makes things worse is that I haven’t been able to write for a few days and for me not writing is like an addict going cold turkey. Okay, so maybe not that bad but I get very shirty and frustrated. I need my writing fix.

Thankfully today has been a little smoother, although my ‘to do’ list from yesterday is still uncompleted and today’s items are now glaring for attention, but I have hope that I will get there. Then I will have time to write. Then I will be a much nicer person to be around!

Do you ever have days like that?
What do you need in your day to keep your sanity? 

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