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Ever lost for words?

jf gibson lost for words

Last night I sat down to write a blog post. I tinkered with the keys, typed a few words, backspaced a lot, and finally closed the cover on my laptop and went to bed. I was lost for words.

Lying in bed, I ran through all the writing I’d done this week and realised why I was fresh out of anything coherent.

This week has been my busiest week for a while. This is what I’ve done:

– Five pages of web copy for one client

– Two pages of web copy for another client

– Ghost written 3 x 500 word articles

– Ghost written 2 x 600 word blog posts

– Written 2,500 words of draft 3 of my manuscript

– Managed 1 blog post on Tuesday

– 2 x quotes and proposals for clients web copy

– numerous emails and invoices for family business

And I wonder why I’m all out of words!


Heading to bed last night I was really down on myself. Firstly for not being able to thrash out 400 words of my own, but also not having anything decent in my drafts folder to bang out. I’m not good with scheduling posts, I’m more of an ‘in the moment’ blogger.

Which is why this post is actually happening. I’m in the moment. I have ten minutes before I need to leave for school pick up and I’ve got something to say.

Nothing too important, but at least something.

So there’s no real motivating or inspiring point to this post, just that perhaps we shouldn’t really be too hard on ourselves. Sometimes we really need to give ourselves permission to be proud of what we’ve done. Perhaps we are really doing better than we think we are?


How was your week?
Are you ever lost for words?