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Excuse me whilst I engage in the real world

Bless me blogiverse for I have sinned it has been over two weeks since my last blog post and these are my sins…







#1 Living life

#2 Loving family

#3 Soaking up holidays

#4 Reading, and actually finishing a whole book

#5 Breathing in sea air

#6 Walking beneath the stars

#7 Yelling and cheering men in lycra

#8 Enjoying Adelaide, it’s gorgeous hills and serene Barossa

#9 Preparing for back to school

#10 Preparing myself and Miss 5 for her first day at school


Yes, I’ve neglectd my blog and my writing but I don’t apologise. I’ve been living life. I’ve been enjoying moments. I’ve been embracing change. And now I’m ready to get stuck back into the year, grab it by the horns and ride it into the sunset.