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Moments at the fairy tree

fairy tree2Every now and then, on our regular walk to school, we take the long way. Along the dampened path by the river, towards the creaky, steel roped bridges and past the fairy tree.

Yes, the fairy tree.

You see, along the way there is a rather nondescript old tree, with its twisted branches and wispy leaves, in which a family of fairies have made their home. And what a beautiful home it is.

There are colourful toadstools and gemstones scattered around the base, bright blue and pink butterflies rest gently on the trunk, there’s a windy stone path leading to the front door and enchanted trinkets adorning the tree itself. There are even appropriately named fairy lights which I’m told glow and twinkle as night falls.

My girls love to see what the fairies have been up to and what new additions have been made to the fairy tree.

The heart shaped dream catcher is new as are the little bird houses. The fairies have been busy indeed.

Of course there is a real life family who have gone to such amazing trouble to lovingly build the fairies a home in the tree behind their back fence. I can imagine the excitement and joy it must bring them creating such a unique treasure, so simple yet so full magic. And it is right there for everyone who meanders along the walking path to see.

This is what childhood should be about.

Imagination. Make-believe. Happiness. Joy. Community.

It brings me such joy to walk past this tree and see the girls’ faces light up. To see the wonder and beauty that this simple tree holds and shares with the world. Moments spent at the fairy tree, are moments that will be remembered for ever. I know when they are older, my girls will say ‘remember that fairy tree down by the river?

If only there were more magical fairy trees, wouldn’t the world be a better place?


Do you have somewhere magical that your children have discovered or made up themselves?