Flash Fiction #2

I’m again joining in with Anna Spargo-Ryan’s Flash Fiction. This week the prompt was an audio sound titled “Walking on dry leaves” Here’s what it sparked…


I held my breath and the only sound I could hear was the dry leaves crunching beneath their feet. Closing my eyes I tried to imagine it was something else; munching on a crunchy biscuit, srunching up paper. Anything but the reality of what it was. The cold night air was beginning to creep into the hollow of the tree where I was hiding and I my body gave an involuntary shiver. I tried not to think about the spiders and bugs whose home I was no doubt encroaching on or the fact that my legs were beginning to cramp from being tucked up under my body.

Soon enough, what felt like hours but was more like a matter of minutes the scrunching of feet and leaves disappeared and I gently poked my head from beneath my hiding spot. Peering out like a possum with eyes fearful and flickering I stole looks from left to right and when I thought the coast was clear I crept out careful not to disturb the ground below.

Feintly in the distance I heard the voices, again they sounded like they were nearing. My heart began pounding again, echoing in my head like a bass drum. I had no choice. I ran.

“There she is!” I heard him cry.

I stumbled as I ran, the brown dry leaves clinging to my jumper as I fell. I was using all my adrenaline now. Fight or flight. I picked myself up and ran. I didn’t look behind. I focused on what lie ahead, dodging trees and trying to ignore the sounds of the feet thundering behind me.

“Home!” I screeched as I threw myself at the letter box and rolled onto the soft, now damp grass. Within seconds my two brothers all piled on top of me and we erupted in a pile of laughter. I done it. I finally won.

“Come on you three, dinner’s ready”.