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For winter

I’m not a winter person, never have been. The coldness of winter makes me want to hibernate like the North American Grizzly Bear.

Wouldn’t it be nice?…

To fill the tummy with lots of warm, indulgent food then simply curl up in bed under the soft doona and sleep… for three months! Only stirring when the sun’s rays start warming the glass on the window, the birds begin singing again and the bulbs have emerged from the cool ground to open and celebrate the warm, spring air.

Aahhh… yes.

But this year I am trying to embrace the winter months. Trying to be grateful for the warm house that shelters our family. For fluffy scarves, woolen gloves, long boots and chunky coats. For the aroma of slow cooked stews simmering during the day, and warming our tummies at night. For hot porridge in the morning. For snuggles under soft blankets on the couch. For rainy days and excuses to stay indoors and watch TV – or in my case, write!

The winter winds of change are upon us, and change I will.

Today I’m thankful for new perspective and seeing the hidden surprises and opportunities that winter brings.


Are you a winter person?


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