People are full of surprises

full of surprisesWhen I decided to share this segment of Jim Carey’s recent inspiring commencement speech, one thing surprised me; many didn’t expect this from Jim Carey.

It got me to thinking…

How often do we really consider everything there is to know about a person?

In a split second we make a subconscious judgment based on what we see before us. It’s not flippant or off handed, it is just simply how the brain works.

We especially make these judgement calls on celebrities and those we don’t know. Those that capture our attention for being vibrant and out there, or the opposite, shy and reclusive.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all do it more often that we realise. We judge people because of who they are or the box that society has put them into, or even the box they have chosen for themselves. But we can’t really know a person until we, well, know them. And even then, do we really know them?

There’s an old saying, a very well worn quote that goes something along the lines of…

Never judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

There are many versions of this but they all ring true.

We don’t really know someone unless we have experienced what they have, been where they have been, and so on.  Yet we seem to forget this at times.

We often label people as superficial or shallow because of the way they look or the way they carry themselves, but it isn’t until we talk to someone in depth, many times, that we can begin to understand the person.

And then on the other hand how guarded are we ourselves in trusting other people with our true selves? Sometimes we don’t even trust our own selves!

We often don’t wear our heart on our sleeve and bang on about what is closest to our heart. We hold our vulnerability close leaving things of a deep nature for the people we trust. Often this takes years of building rapport and relationships on different levels before we can do so.

What is amazing though, is when people like Jim Carey surprise us.

They remind us that we are all different and unique. And we are all surprising. We all have our own crosses to bear, and experiences to share.

It is people like this that I find inspiring.

They share their stories, their experiences, their shortcomings and failings and then we reliase what a well-rounded human being they truly are. It no longer matters how we perceive them on a superficial basis, it only matters that they remind us we are all human just trying to navigate this life as best we can.

So next time you are quick to judge, even without meaning to, try to remind yourself of this.

And remember, everybody has something unique and powerful within them. No matter how unexpected it is.


When has someone truly surprised you?



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